A 2.0 pacer @Watopia

If possible, would be very useful a 2.0 pacer. Thx!

Count me in :+1:


Yes, something like the Metal Man in the old Computrainer (Racermate) software.


Yeah needs a pace partner between D and C at 2.0 be good.

If we want to be realstic the A grade pace partner is currently a waste of resource. Every time you see AA it is always by itself or maybe a couple people max. I am sure if they did a revew AA is being wasted. It would be good to change the Pace Partners to maybe something like

A - 3.5wkg
B - 3.0wkg
C - 2.5wkg
D - 2.0wkg
E - 1.5wkg

This would allow alot more variety to the pace partners and see them being more utlised

At the moment C gets used alot followed by D where B and A usage is extremely minimal so both are currently wasted resources


DIsagree with your analysis . A is very much not a waste of resources , quite the opposite it is by far the most useful pace bot exactly because it does not have a massive peloton swamping all over it . The flaw is not with pace bots having too few , its with those with two many . In the later you are no longer being paced you are simply being sucked along by a big blob of users . It might be “fun” as a facilitator for groups but its not pacing.

So perhaps what this thread is asking for is not new pacer bots but infact to introduce an allied feature for organised group bot (although quite why Zwift havent introduced all the other features around user created events that opens this up , and dare I say it clubs that would make this easier to implement in a much better way far far in advance of the 4 fixed format bots ) . How cool would it be if you could create an event , or clubs could have one that included its own pace bot set to the desired pace the event wanted .

Rather than having retrograde solutions being proposed ( as I totally agree that Pace bots need to be more adaptable to users ) lets look to progressive ways to enable what we already have or should have but its being made available only to a selected few only.

Perhaps uncoupling this desire for big group “pacing” would then allow Zwift to re-assess the way pace bots works and make them actual do what they should do . Pace.


That’s why A is the best of the bots. I ride with that bot a lot and often we get about 5-6 riders which is a decent number.

You don’t get dragged along by a huge group. So you have to work a bit. But I also sometimes go off the front and leave the bot behind up Epic KOM.

A 4.7w bot might also be interesting.

It doesn’t get a lot of people joining because it’s a faster pace, maybe people don’t have enough fitness to stay there or they don’t like riding through the jungle or on the hilly routes.

It would also be good to get B and C grade bots doing some of these different routes. C grade doing laps of the jungle, B grade going up Epic KOM.

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I am 67 and weigh 79kg. 2.0 is a great endurance pace for me. 2.5 is close to my threshold. I would love to see a 2.0 pace partner.

Per other comments, would be happy if drafting effect could be turned off when with a pace partner. Looking for a partner for endurance pace, but definitely not looking to be pulled by big group.


Exactly Brad. Hope they set it up… Cheers!


A 2wpk bot would be great!


Same here. My threshhold is also around 2.5 wpkg. A 2.0 bot would be very nice.


a mi tambien me parece que el Boot 1.5 es demasiado suave y el 2.5 demasiado fuerte , un Boot 2.0 seria fantastico.


Yes please! 1.5 is too easy for me and 2.5 is a bit too much for a longer ride. A 2.0 W/kg pace partner would be great for endurance riding. Having more granularity at the lower end of the power/weight range in general would be helpful for a lot of people: women, older riders, new riders…


I totally agree 2.5 is way to difficult and the step from 1.5 is to much. A 2.0 would be perfect.


I would love!!!
Yes, please!! A 2.0 w/kg pacer!!! :heart_eyes:


i think more pacers is a good idea, and a bit more variety in terms of pace also a good idea.

however, i just want to point out that i’m having the same struggle with the B bot. the C bot is a bit too easy for me (holding 190w is zone 2 for me), but the B bot is hard to stay with especially on sand and sequoia route (holding 245-260w is zone 4/5 for me). so – a 2.0 bot might help you for now, but if you get to where i’m at you’ll be right back in the mess again!

in the meantime, you can try a few things to make the D bot work better for you (i’m doing these with the C bot lately):

  • ride with the C Bot for 20 mins, then the D bot for 40. over time, add more time to the C Bot and reduce the time with the D bot
  • ride a gravel bike with the D bot. this is a bigger jump in power than you’d expect, but it’s a bit less than riding with the C bot
  • do the sprints or KOMs on the D bot’s route at full gas, then try to recover while staying with the group. this is good practice in general, but also ups the difficulty.

Yes pleaseeee!! A 2.0 w/kg pacer in Watopia would be just perfect!!! :grin:


If you want a set pace and no other riders, just design a custom workout, turn off ERG mode if you like. As to being sucked along in big groups, just use a TT bike if you don’t want drafting?


What is the impact of bike changes. If you choose a MTB and use 1.5wkg partner, to run at the same speed as the road-biked group, how close would you be to 2wkg?


Yeah, but… the bots ride at a fixed power output, e.g. 170 watts. So if the power output of a given bot is 2.0 w/kg for you, it’ll be different for many many others. So if you’re going to make a feature request for a new bot, you should ask for a specific power output.


I feel sand and sequoias route is harder for light riders because of all the little hills, the big riders just blast over them and then fly downhill fast.

If it’s a big group and you get to the back you have to hold 10w/kg to get back to them or risk doing a long 6w/kg chase in the desert.