Zwift Velodrome

(Vincent) #1

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I’d love to see a Zwift Velodrome feature as route option. Could make for some great training / racing also…

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(Johnathan) #2

I think you would have to restrict each velodrome to 25-30 riders at a time, just like most track races are restricted to but being that the law of superposition doesn’t seem to matter on Zwift, a 250 or 333 m velodrome could be doable. Under threshold, you could ride around the blue line, progressing lower down the track with more effort. At or above threshold, the rider should ride on the black, measurement line.

(Graham Irvine (London Phoenix CC)) #3

I am guessing to avoid an amorphos blob of cycling avatars you would just create virtual tracks with limits to numbers who can “join” them … something like events process and allow the event to dictate those numbers ,like categories now…

(A) #4

(Dale Goldfinch) #5

I hope this happens and can’t see it as being a hard thing. I’m into motorsport and use Iracing also, they have hundreds of thousands of people on there. They just have races starting every 30 min, restricting cars to 20-30. If they have more than that wanting to race at that time they use the identical virtual track and split the cars, easy…

(Matthew) #6

Sounds a great idea.

(Peter Beckett) #7

Love the velodrome idea and the FTP based track position suggestion. How about a virtual turbo trainer in the center of the velodrome for comic irony!

(Jim) #8

I’d also love to see track racing. Thank you Zwift!