I have a great idea. How about you make a velodrome course and a track bike. I love how a track is and tried bkool instead so this could lose customers. Zwift > Bkool but it would be good for people who want a flat road and practice with lap times. You could somehow incorporate it maybe in london because there is one there or add a new one. A track bike would be interesting because it is so light and aero. But maybe somehow bad at climbing. You could unlock them together so like jungle course (which i love) or regular.


I know i am not the first but the fixie idea is new.

Velodrome can be a separate instance for training in small groups, only invited races or solo riding withour anyone onsight.

Been suggested more than a few times:


But has the track bike or it being unlocked at a certain level. Maybe level 15? 

Problem with velodrome is it either has to be 4 km large and still can only hold so many riders. a 250 velo would have the leader drafting the back of the pack.

Zwift already said, “not planned” and it has been suggested to death. I’m a HUGE fan of velodrome racing.

Two things:


A.) What about the track bike idea

B.) Maybe it will only show 20 riders or something. And maybe you can choose a certain server for each one. 

And they could enforce track bike rules by cadence under 25 and you stop. This makes to freewheeling.

Agree with having a velodrome.

Hi guys,

a velodrome course would be great. I would also limit the number of riders displayed or show riders within certain events on the track. You could also meet for free driving with a friendly driver and only this is then displayed.

For such a feature I would even pay extra.


what the velodrome would be good for is testing yourself on an empty track…trying for your own hour record with a chanting crowd…4km time trial…or only allowing 10 or 20 on for a sprint race or madison…i would rather test myself for my own hour record than a ftp test any day

Exactly, driving 80 laps alone on the train. My 8 year old   
son loves it on BKOOL and currently drives up to 60 min 105   
cadence. Often during sessions with other cyclists.   
Only the graphics and trainercontrol is not as perfect at   
BKOOL as on Zwift. I would also pay more for a Velodrome feature