Zwift Velodrome

(Sean Duignan) #1

I’d love to see a Zwift Velodrome feature as route option. Could make for some great training / racing also…

(Seb Barrett (U19) AUS) #2

+1 on that!

(Bill Roudebush) #3


(Chris Jones) #4

Way cool.

(John Green) #5


(Chris Ashley B) #6


(K I.C.K.R_Kevin) #7

Me too

(Bas Sopora TT1) #8


(W ish I was Outside) #9

+1 but not just for warmup, velodrome racing on the sim would be super fun!

(Italo Bastianelli USMES) #10

Velodrome racing would be awesome. Can add events like points race, scratch, even a miss & out!

(Maurizio Gigliotti) #11


(Bryan Chen) #12

I like Dickson’s idea. It would be cool if the Velodrome was accessible from the beginning of the course and we had a way to signal “turn into the Velodrome” and “turn back out onto the course”. Kind of like a pitstop area in car racing games, but the pitstop would lead you into the Velodrome.

(Chris Hayward (B)) #13

What a fantastic idea. cool.

Im sure the Zwift guys have all kinds of ideas like this one, but probably need more developers to keep up with demand

(Jon Trottier) #14


(J Edwards(TFC RACE TEAM) ZZRC) #15

You can buy additional maps on call of duty games so perhaps you will be able to buy different routes ie paris to roubaix,tour of flanders,velodrome etc etc…

(Tim Phillips) #16

I agree with most of the comments here. I would like some moderate spinning to warm up prior to going into a 10% climb.

(Matt Howey) #17

ABSOLUTELY!! They could even model it after real velodromes like T-Town or the Los Angeles indoor one…etc…great!

Leaderboards could include traditional track events - like the 1k, flying lap, match sprint, etc.

(Jonathan Cooke) #18

+1 sounds like a brilliant idea

(Mark Lant) #19


(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #20