Zwift Velodrome

I’d love to see a Zwift Velodrome feature as route option. Could make for some great training / racing also…


+1 on that!


Way cool.



Me too


+1 but not just for warmup, velodrome racing on the sim would be super fun!

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Velodrome racing would be awesome. Can add events like points race, scratch, even a miss & out!


I like Dickson’s idea. It would be cool if the Velodrome was accessible from the beginning of the course and we had a way to signal “turn into the Velodrome” and “turn back out onto the course”. Kind of like a pitstop area in car racing games, but the pitstop would lead you into the Velodrome.

What a fantastic idea. cool.

Im sure the Zwift guys have all kinds of ideas like this one, but probably need more developers to keep up with demand


You can buy additional maps on call of duty games so perhaps you will be able to buy different routes ie paris to roubaix,tour of flanders,velodrome etc etc…

I agree with most of the comments here. I would like some moderate spinning to warm up prior to going into a 10% climb.

ABSOLUTELY!! They could even model it after real velodromes like T-Town or the Los Angeles indoor one…etc…great!

Leaderboards could include traditional track events - like the 1k, flying lap, match sprint, etc.

+1 sounds like a brilliant idea