“Help, I’m out the back” button

(Darren Bowen ) #1

Could we have a button (maybe instead of the elbow flick) that informs group leaders that we are struggling with the page and need someone to drop back and lead us back in to the pack. It’s difficult to type when you are struggling to breathe!

(Steve Ellis) #2

The “I’m Toast” button?

(Rich Hampshire (Pack Sweep)) #3

As a Sweep rider on group rides I can definitely see the advantage of this, though to go to the Sweep team rather than the lead. (Perhaps both)

(Caroline Eliasson) #4

I’d agree to getting this function, together with a message for the ride leader or sweeper to easily see. “I’m Toast” button is not sufficient enough and only works as a way of conveying that you’re tired - not that you’re about to or even already have gotten dropped.

(I M Gandu) #5

That’d be nice.