More Cow-Bell (sounds) and visual HELP Icon

Drop the “Hammer Time” which is from 1990.(I Googled it, yes)
Instead replace it with the sound of a Cowbell!

Even the Soccer airhorns would be more useful
You know, the Vuvulelas.

Who wants ‘more Cowbell’?

Lol. Cowbells :grin:

As a ride leader and sweeper I’d rather see the Hammer Time button replaced with a Help button to make it easy for riders to request assistance. People struggling off the back may not be able to type to request assistance or there may be language issues. A Help button makes it easy.

Failing that though…… sure, why not cowbells :+1:


This seems like a good idea. It would just have to ‘announce’ who needs help, as opposed to being an anonymous sound, like the current buttons, so that the sweeper knows who they are looking for. (Sometimes folks drop off the back just for the sprint practice, so the sweep would need to know which person off the back is actually looking for assistance.)

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Help as in slow down? I always have music on . Texting on app is much easier for me. :cow2: :bell: But a visual help button is a great idea .

I like that idea. If a rider (1) press the help button her/his name in the right panel get a spesial icon (and it move to the bottom of viewable rider list) , almost like the a sprint jersey and a thumbs up button, if a rider helper (2) click the thumbs up button the rider (1) name will show below helper rider (2) so that he/she can move back and keep track of rider(1).

Also the rider(1) will get extra dropz while rider(2) is drafting him/her.

I’m just brain storming here.


Sounds like a Help icon would show next to their name.
Maybe a life preserver icon, a big white O.
So, I’m adding that idea to the title for others to see and vote in.

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