Replace Hammer Time button with a Help button. Much more useful

As a ride leader and sweeper I’d like to see the Hammer Time button replaced with a Help button to make it easy for riders to request assistance. People struggling off the back may not be able to type to request assistance or there may be language issues. A Help button makes it easy.

This will also help sweepers identify those that need assistance. It can be difficult to know whether someone has dropped off the back for sprint practice or whether they are genuinely struggling. This difficulty is magnified when those riders don’t or can’t communicate in game.

Perhaps if a rider presses the Help button a special icon appears next to her/his name in the rider list like the a sprint jersey and a thumbs up button. If a sweeper clicks the Help icon the two riders can be guided to each other or at least known to each other. Keeping each riders name visible to each other and static in the rider list may be one way to achieve this.

Perhaps also reward sweepers with extra drops or XP for their efforts.

Sounds like a good idea Jason. :+1:


It does that already somewhat, at least in respect to drops. Drops are earned based on:

  • Calories burned : this is the main factor
  • Your Gender : yep, it matters!
  • Elevation : more incline=more Drops
  • Distance : more distance=more Drops
  • Receiving Ride Ons : the easiest way to boost your Drop rate

If a sweep is pulling more watts to get people back with the pack they are burning more calories and earning increased drops. This does not give them extra XP though as that is related to distance.

This makes sense, its difficult to message if you are pushing hard to get back into the group