Strategies or Features Enabling Sweeping or Drafting

Performing sweeps during group rides is not only helpful to people who are getting dropped, but it also makes for a good workout. However, it seems tricky — at least to me.

So, please use this discussion to suggest techniques riders can use to enhance sweeping effectiveness, or to suggest features Zwift could add.

I wrote to Zwift support, and they responded: “There is currently no way to color your jersey so others know you’re a sweeper, or a suggested wattage for sweepers… I would recommend posting in our Community Forum.”

This issue has been touched on in other threads, for example:

In Best way to give someone a tow?, lukas ranikar suggests “a handshake feature where you offer and someone accepts then you are somehow more synchronised or just fix drafting.” Steve Ellis and Gerrie Delport TeamZF switch to side-view using 4 to better visualize how close the riders are. Martyn Kimberley OP [B] suggests a ‘push’ or ‘nudge’ feature, to avoid the need for visualization.

In Red Beacon Sweeper messages, M ARKO CLS (LEAD C) suggests a designated sweeper have a different color jersey.

In “Help, I’m out the back” button, Darren Bowen asks for a “Help I’m Out the Back” button.

And in Rubber-banding for group rides, P ete® K. (ZRG) [R2] suggests rubber banding to pull riders closer to the group when they are too far off the back or front.

I guess I feel this needs more discussion?

Perhaps a person being offered assistance isn’t aware of the offer, or even the capability?

Therefore, I like the suggestions for a button to color one’s jersey, or to add a floating icon to sweepers. That way, stragglers know who to latch on to, and sweepers know not to bother positioning themselves to help other sweepers.

When trying to help out people, I have tried to keep an eye on the time and distance spreads, but it felt like I needed more electronic feedback than that.

Maybe Zwift could incorporate an algorithm to automatically determine, based on the straggler’s overall ride performance and the sweeper’s overall ride performance, a suggested wattage the sweeper should hold to be of the greatest assistance without causing the drafter to blow up or fall off.

The suggestion that there be a nudge or push feature seems like it would be by far the most effective; however, I wonder if people would feel weird about being pushed?

Personally when i want to give a wheel i look at the time gaps and power output of strugglers. Also, the common rule is to give a shout that you are off.