Best way to give someone a tow?

(lukas ranicar) #1

During group rides i like to help people out getting back into the group by giving them a tow,  but its very hard to keep them in the draft zone. I would like to have a handshake feature where you offer and someone accepts then you are somehow more synchronised or just fix drafting.  How do other people do it? 

(Steve Ellis) #2

The side view (4) gives a good view of the distance between riders and whether the one in front is slipping away.

(Gerrie Delport) #3

I do the same as Steve, I switch to the side view (i think it is 4) and I keep the pace to that the wheels just overlap. If the person at the back feel good and they start moving closet to me I will increase my pace and the opposite if they start to drop back.

(Vincent W.) #4

Kind of like a tethering feature? I know it’s been mentioned before and I think it’s a cool idea! Almost like a permanent draft somehow? I’m curious on how it would be implemented.  

(lukas ranicar) #5

Yes teathering is the word I was looking for. I imagine it could work like the group workout does now. But it’s a bit of a niech request. Thanks for the side view advice will try it out next time.

(Martyn Kimberley OP [B]) #6

IRL i will keep the weaker riders in the group on a less intense climb by giving them a push in the small of the back. I find this much more efficient than trying to gauge what output they can manage during a chase.

Instead of ‘tethering’ and having to pull someone back to the group why not develop a ‘push’ or ‘nudge’ feature. Riders above a certain level, who are therefore more familiar with the game and in potentially a more organisational role (ride lead, sweep, helper etc) could utilise it. Only allow it for riders in the same group event and ensure there is an acceptance button for the receiving party.

As noted IRL i find this is a more efficient way of keeping people in the group and also a little more discreet. When at the back of the group the giver and receiver can’t be seen as opposed to a massive gap when dropped which can affect morale.