Steering feature anti social use

Maybe fantastic in competitive racing I’m seeing more of it in anti social use.
For example someone comes up from behind me and rests, not a problem if they want to work with me but then they pull through and steer to the outside edge so they don’t want to share their draft- it’s kind of rude.
I was in a group working together on a TOW stage recently when a user joined us and literally sat on us for ages and then tried to pull away on their own using that feature. We caught up easily and passed them and they sat on again not taking any turns. I then put up a message saying it was not a nice behaviour and was doing that rider no favours to sit on for their own fitness and I was going to slow down on purpose and leave the others to it. At that point the user dropped off which allowed me to rejoin the other 2 or 3.
Yes some new trainers have this feature and Zwift will sell their controllers because it can but this might go very anti social if it’s abused.
If we all bought them and did that it would be mayhem.
Team work makes the dream work if you want the miles and the time to pass quickly.

I seem to remember ToW is not a race…

I would just ignore them. Or go ride ADZ where this doesn’t have much effect.


Exactly, not a race.
Not really a place to use these tactics with steering control.
I’m happy to work with everyone with similar standards to make time and distance pass quicker or ride on my own but so far my few encounters with this feature others use seem selfish outside of Zwift racing.

Race or not, it is a :eggplant: move.

Post their username in the public chat with a passive aggressive “stay classy, USERNAME!” comment. At least get some satisfaction that way :smiley:

lol, I’m not that angry about it, more disappointed.
I think little messages without user names at the time ticks the box as long as they have some guilt about it.

No I get you, I was joking. I’m with you though. Like you say, particularly in something that’s not officially a race, to take the extra effort to deny someone a draft is a bro thing to do.

Another thing you can do is use TT bike and use your monster fitness to drop them!

If people want to rage about something, then rage about the bots on Zwift and those with dodgy power readings zooming around at Lance Armstrong levels of performance. Clearing them away would improve things greatly.

Someone steering away is a relative storm in a teacup in my opinion.

FWIW, when I use steering and want to be riding alone without towing trailers I will steer to the edge right from the start and stay there away from others. Before this you’d inevitably get someone who just wouldn’t take a hint and the only solution was to U-turn.

This is where an incognito mode would be useful. You don’t see anyone else and they don’t see you.

I did have this happen to me once, and it was annoying for sure. It would be nice if Zwift’s logic would enable the following rider to more aggressively follow a steering rider if it means the difference between being in and out of the draft.

That said, as it is, I don’t think you can (or should) get mad at them. They are trying to conserve energy in the group which is rational, and trying to make it hard for people to follow without breaking ToS in any way. There’s no agreement between riders to behave in a specific way with the group, so it’s up to them if they want to behave that way, and up to the group to figure out how to drop them.

But I have to admit I was pretty bummed out when someone did that to me, not a good experience. I did end up dropped by them in the end which sucked.

But that just stops you from drafting off anyone, it doesn’t stop them from drafting off you.

Now if there was a bike choice that took you out of draft mechanics entirely–no drafted or being drafted off–that would be the way to go to completely detach from what’s going on in the zwift world around you.

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Maybe the rider you were trying to follow didn’t want to be followed.

Maybe an alternative is that in normal riding mode TT bikes don’t provide a draft. I’d be happy with that.

That’s the idea of the TT bike - no draft so you’ve got to do the work! :wink: That’s how you get faster. :wink:

Of course stopping TT bikes from providing draft would make some people really annoyed.

In this case they specifically didn’t want to be followed, but after drafting off that same group of people for the rest of the race (or ride) that’s probably not something I have that much sympathy for to be honest. I can understand it in other scenarios.

Now the only folks who have the capability to stop someone following them is folks with steering (unless they use a TT bike which is almost never going to be the case for most folks on a group ride). So right now steering is over powered in this scenario - which enables someone with steering to use a “draft whenever I want, but don’t allow anyone to draft me” strategy. Which is perfectly valid given the way things are, but frustrating to whoever can’t draft.

So, Zwift could do a couple of things. They can enable keyboard shortcuts (and software based UX) to enable steering for anyone so more folks can adapt to what’s happening, or they can create more logic so the following rider more closely follows the person in the draft. Either will work.

I’m nearly 60 so the monster power is not what it use to be but I can sit at good power for a long time so happy to share turns with others or not.
Maybe I’ve been unlucky and been on routes with new owners of this feature getting over zealous with it?
It just seems anti social to purposely use these on non race events ‘unless’ you on the one someone’s sitting on without helping and simply use it to drop them. That seems fair. I’m not condoning sitting on people, that doesn’t help your cycling goals at all.
I’m just concerned with happy group etiquette.
I did ride a TT plenty in earlier days to rack up more XP or to crack high speeds coming off the radio tower for badges etc but haven’t used one recently.
Thanks for all the replies

Steering is great when you sweep riders, you can accurately position yourself in front of the rider you’re helping.


TT bike still provides draft which is extremely annoying. That should be stopped in normal rides.

Why? If someone wants to make a ride harder for themselves on a TT, let them.

Oh ha, yeah I forgot about that. My mistake :slight_smile: It’s been a while since I’ve used a TT bike.


I see this as a game design problem more than a user behavior problem. In the ToW event the rider was probably “racing” and had no intention to cooperate. Last time that happened to me in a race, we all took turns attacking the guy because who would want him hanging on and then sprinting up the side of the road?

To improve the game design, non-steering riders should simply auto-steer toward the available draft. If that were implemented you would not care very much about where they steered.

ToW not a race
That said, bike racing is not a particularly nice or kind endeavor.
People “race” non races all the time and their behavior shows.
People need to become aware of ride/race etiquette.
That said, we also have to expect people not to follow etiquette and let them know then let it and move on.

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Not good etiquette Paul.

If they want to draft someone then should draft someone on a normal road bike.

What? And you don’t think the same thing goes on IRL events. Enjoy your ride, and ride as you will. If you don’t want a particular rider working around your slip stream as they choose, then drop them or lose them otherwise. But don’t whine about it. Do your work on the road, with your cycling. Of course, you can always vent here, too. It’s your prerogative, which is as it should be. But to what end? Educating a constantly changing classroom? Ride your ride. Enjoy it. Embrace the strength, spirit, lunacy, madness and goofiness around you. It’s everywhere, and wound up probably in a cyclist nearby. Ride on.