Sweeper Bat Phone and Tethering

Since I am on a roll today with feature request I thought I might as well continue. As a sweeper for 6plus years now in many rides I can say I can no longer effectively sweep like I used to due to the Pack Dynamics. I will call it the lack of stickiness that causes the change. I used to be able to singly go back pick up a rider and get them in my draft and slowly pull them and build til I was doing a massive difference but they were able to sit in my draft due to stickiness. Now I can only sit in front and will slowly drop them if They cant hold the watts. Yes it is more realistic now. Dont fix it.but give me this option instead.

Sweeper bat phone, they press a crap I need a sweeper button. I get a list onscreen of people asking for help. I see distance behind be and they show up as a different color dot on mini map. Then as I get within 20 feet of them. The rubber band feature for group rides kicks in but instead of it averaging our watts is pulls them along at my watts. This way I can get them back to the group. Once there I release rubber band or it is auto removed and I choose next victim… I mean target.