Ride event Sweeps - power oost or rubber band?

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Here’s a suggestion, Red beacon has the power to offer a rubber band to someone struggling off the back of the ride lead (Group Rides Only) or boost their power for a limited time. Sometimes you can see that a rider has “drifted” a little too far back and can’t manage to get back on to the main group event with a little draft help from the sweep (red beacon).

I’m just throwing it out there to make the group rides a little more enjoyable for those on the edge of the ride limits. A button on the companion app or lower screen establishing the riders within your circle to either have the same power as you for 60sec or a rubber band until the button has been disengaged.

Thoughts? If you think it’s valid click on the vote (the word vote) at the top left of the feed.

This would be good, as some don’t have companion app, or it is difficult for them to type a response of, “yes I need help.” As a HERD sweep assist, I have come across many that don’t respond when asking if they need help and in some cases red hangs back, or drops back unnecessarily. There is still the option to leave and rejoin yellow, but I think most are reluctant to try that within the time limit

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I enjoy sweeping on group rides and trying to keep stragglers with the group, but I have mixed feelings about this suggestion. I guess it would not hurt me if I don’t use it, but I kind of like the little element of hazard in group rides that helps people push themselves. I would see more value in letting organizers set the time limit for late joining, so it could be an hour or an entire event. That seems like it would be easier to implement as well. Anyway this is not a negative vote for your suggestion.

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I’m going to have to agree with Paul here, a % or something similar for ride rejoining is a better solution.
If anything, rejoining needs to be brought to more people’s attention; it seems less people understand how it even works.

Alternatively, ask the person to use coffee.

A sweepers’ primary job is to… be smart about their choices; some days are easier than others, I know; and anyone that sweeps also does or will learn…
Personally if I see someone drop and they aren’t even holding the base pace the ride is advertised at, I won’t even bother, seriously.

An overpowered powerup, or rubberband is too generous IMO, and can give the wrong impression of the ride’s pace.
If options like that come down to whoever sets the rides up, and turns features like that off one day; it’s going to confuse lots of folks that become reliant on them.

I don’t want to sound like a gatekeeper at all, this is not my intention.
But people should and need to be familiar with their capabilities; or else they can risk the mood of an entire group ride potentially if they say it’s too hard, or “I used to be able to keep up with X or Y, why did this change?”, trust me… I’ve seen folks turn an entire group ride sour with statements like that before.

Coffeebreak works in your case OP, perhaps teach more droppers to use it?

Otherwise, not all group rides have to be no-drop rides; there’s a limit somewhere; you can’t be all-inclusive all the time.
Or lastly, if your group offers different paced rides through the week; maybe recommend those instead?
That’s what I do.

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Thanks to everyone for your replies.

It definitely comes down to certain rides and ride categories. Also experienced riders seem to understand (even if they are still a D Cat rider) but you are right it definitely is better for them to rejoin.

The coffee break has helped bring people back but that’s just my suggestion in disguise I guess.

Let’s keep this discussion alive and see how we can help those that are learning or trying just that little bit harder to improve.