Rubber-banding for group rides

I really like the rubber-banding thing during workouts.
What I would really appreciate is an option of rubber-banding for group rides.
Actually for both: front and back.
In the back it would help to stay with the pack and would make life easier for the sweepers.
In the front it would prevent flyers from separating the group into many small pieces.
Currently there are many group rides, which are already torn apart after a short time completely.
I’m looking forward to your feedback on this topic.

I think it adds to the experience from not having the rubber band effect in group rides. Makes you focus a bit more in staying with the group, distracting from the fact that your legs might be doing hard work!

Maybe having it as an option to select for ride leaders could be an option, that way they could enable it for beginner rides maybe…

:ride_on: +1

Make it optional problem solved. I’m all for it. Most group rides will always feel like races if beacon will go over 4 wpk over longer hills, climbs even the group ride was said to be 3 wpk.

Besides i’m all for installing “group rides are as fast as the leader/beacon X” is riding. So leader rides at 3 wpk or 70 % FTP everyone else is:

  1. not fast compareed to beacon
  2. has to hold 70 % in order to stay (or from 60 to 70 % FTP)

This would work very well i assure you especially if it is optional.