Tour de Zwift group rides w/ rubberband

Since many “race” during “group rides” within Tour de Zwift, could Zwift add another one as a “No drop group ride” (with the rubber-band turned on to keep everyone together)? This was done in the Academy and was great fun allowing for a more relaxed event with better chatting going on. :slight_smile:

Just ride at your own pace. Let the flyers go… this seems to be the norm in unfenced group rides.

If I want a relaxed ride I check for group rides and jump on the back without signing up to the ride that way you have no issues with the fence and easier to ride in the group with draft

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The purpose of the request is to ADD a Tour de Zwift category E with the rubber-band, to give riders, who don’t (&/or can’t) fly off the front of the group, an opportunity to enjoy the group atmosphere as was the benefit in Academy group rides. No fence required. Those who wish to race can continue in their existing categories.

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