Game Update 1.43 [June 2023]

Hello everyone - Zwift v1.43 begins a phased rollout today with some new features we’re excited to share with you!

  • Get ready to explore new heights in July’s Climb Portal First Ascent Challenge! Meet Climb Portal—the latest addition to Zwift. Ride your way to the two portals – one in Watopia and one in France and be transported to a curated selection of the world’s most famous climbs. Join the Climb Portal First Ascent Challenge and experience some of the most iconic climbs of the Tour de France and the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift. Challenge yourself on these real-world climbs starting June 30th.
  • Zwift Play controllers now have haptic feedback on Mac, PC, iOS, and Apple TV, with Android coming soon. You’ll now feel your controllers vibrate when you return a Ride On, brake, ride over boost strips and hazards in Repack Rush, use power-ups, and more.
  • Video Screenshots will begin to roll out to a percentage of Apple TV devices.
  • Fixed an issue with Coffee Stop that would cause the first use of Coffee Stop after 30 minutes to be 30 seconds instead of the expected 3 minutes. This was most prevalent in events.
  • Fixed an issue with Coffee Stop that would result in the timer getting stuck, preventing Zwifters being able to use Coffee Stop.
  • Water textures are back and less gray.
  • Fixed an issue which occasionally caused cyclists to not appear to be pedaling despite having cadence connected.
  • Zwift theme music returns!
  • Action Bar pops up more easily on touch screens.
  • Black squares that appear in dusty conditions have been banished.
  • Fixed an issue that caused road edges and avatars to turn white in the underwater tunnels of Watopia.
  • Improved the appearance of the roadway near the village on the Epic KOM route.
  • Fixed an issue where HoloReplay privacy settings were reset after exiting Zwift.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause Workout category card titles to be blank.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when saving a custom workout.
  • Fixed an issue where the Save Activity screen could get stuck with a “spinning” indicator.
  • Fixed an issue where some segments in Makuri Islands and Scotland only displayed results in total seconds.
  • Fixed an issue in the Ride Report where the power output line did not match up with the corresponding zone blocks.


  • AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPUs now have the Ultra graphics profile enabled.

Mac and PC

  • Fixed an issue where button hover effects in the Pause menu flashed while moving the mouse.

Android and iOS:

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling in the Zwifters Nearby list could open the Action Bar.
  • Fixed an issue where the Leaderboard and Zwifters Nearby lists could not be hidden by swiping to the side.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Zwift Play controllers.

Zwift Play Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue so Zwift Play controllers can better navigate the Pause screen on some mobile devices.
  • Various improvements to in-game menu navigation using Zwift Play controllers.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially prevent using Zwift Play controllers from adjusting workout intensity.

Phased rollout begins today to Windows / macOS / Android devices, with iOS and Apple TV to follow over the next two days.

UPDATE June 29
Rollout to iOS / tvOS has begun. More PC / macOS / Android devices will also receive the 1.43 today.

Rollout to all devices on all OS platforms is complete.

UPDATE July 5 v 1.43.2

  • Fixed ATV crash that occurred when navigating the Climb Portal campaign,

UPDATE July 10 v 1.43.3 Windows only.

  • Fixed an issue which could cause game freezes on Windows when using Play controllers or other devices connected via Bluetooth (this fix will be gradually enabled for customers over the next 48 hours).
  • Fixed a potential game crash when turning off Play controllers while on the Pairing screen.

Any questions about this release? Ask here!


Another solid game release! Good to see some of those bugs squashed! Here is my post about the update, including my thoughts, images, details, and more! feel free to check it out! Zwift Update Released 1.43 - ZRace Central


Hopefully this cures my problems with Zwift crashing to “desktop” on Apple TV. :crossed_fingers:t4:

Let the festival of thread closing begin!


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Having the July mission be a climbing missing makes a lot more sense with the portal arriving.


Huzzah! When this first appeared a month or so ago, I gaslit myself into believing the tunnels had always been this way and I hadn’t noticed before.

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Here’s the Zwift Insider post all about this update… Zwift Update Version 1.43 (114012) Released | Zwift Insider

FYI: Play Haptics aren’t yet turned on… it’s a server-side switch Zwift needs to flip.


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Haptics will be rolling over the next few days; about 25% of Play controllers will have it enabled starting today.

Haptics thread: Haptic Feedback Enabled for Zwift Play [June 2023]

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Road gaps are back (hope they are not everywhere)

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Did you fix this bug/crash on Android?

Any plans to fix the broken support for pc/mouse/scrollwheel in the ride-on list after events?
Mouse scroll wheel works when selecting frames, wheels though.

I’ve never been able to use coffee break since it rolled out (MacOS). The countdown seems to be stuck. Hope this release fixes it. Looking forward to getting my hands on a set of Zwift Play (in Canada).

Keep up the good work, Zwift HQ.



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Good number of bugs fixed. Great effort to all involved.


Hey @Timothy_Wu_HERD - this bug is fixed in 1.43. Please give it a try once 1.43 is available to your Mac and let us know?


When will Zwift Play Controllers be available to ship to Australia?

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