Game Update 1.43 [June 2023]

the new climbing portal is simply horrible. how can zwift fail to understand their core users so much, the vast majority of who are cycling enthusiasts. maybe instead of focusing on some pathetic colour psychology experiments, they focused on giving their core users and enjoyable environment to cycle new climbs. prolonged time spent in these environments will be dreadful. do better zwift.


They perhaps should have gone with some AI procedurally generated scenery rather than the paired back style.

That being said, they will be able to churn out a lot of new climbs to try out and I like the breakdown of segments just like on the Alpe du Zwift climb.

Hope they keep a selection of the most popular climbs so we can have leaderboards etc. I get why we can’t have that on all of them as they will disappear after some time


I’m getting very brief periods of super high cadence:

they seem to occur where historically it would look like your avatar would kind of stop pedalling as above coming out of the desert bit. It happened at the main spawn location too and i u turned and rode back over that stop a couple of times and it did it each time so pretty sure it isn’t my set up

I’m seeing these too - not as frequently as before though

You have unlocked the newest, hidden update feature: cyclocross mode. The best way to compete through it is to have a treadmill set up next to your bike. Dismount, run, remount. Coming later this year will be the Zwift Pedals with activateable bunny hop ability for only an additional $529.99


Is there a way to download the update manually ?

If not, anyone knows when this update rolls out for Europe ?

It’s not geographic, it’s completely random for who gets it and who doesn’t over the rollout period.

Awwww, that sucks :frowning:

I guess this is polorazing feature, but I’m super excited about it and would love to see this (or better version of this) for races/non-climb routes also :heart_eyes:

Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad users please note;

Title screen music is still controlled by the 3D world sounds slider.

No, the rollout is intended to be random, applied to a set percentage of each device type. If you have multiple devices that run Zwift, you may get the update on one but not others.

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@Arend_teRaa and @Paul_Southworth are correct with regards to the rollout, it’s randomized across our community and not region specific.

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@Daren I’ll message you directly to collect some more information that will help me investigate this further.

@Chris_Holton I’ll send you a direct message to collect some more information regarding what you are seeing.

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Noted and bumped this ticket.

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I have already received the update Apple TV (A2737), but I can not find the video screenshot function in the menu. Will the feature come later despite the update to 1.43? It is not mentioned as a new feature in the Apple TV Appstore.

It’s a gradual roll out after 1.43


Ok, great thanks for the feedback! :wink:

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@shooj As always thanks for your updates! I do really appreciate you guys seemingly focusing a bit more in this version with fixing bugs and a little less on adding new features and bugs.

Unfortunately as amazed as I was that the Play controllers I received at launch seemed to work effectively flawlessly when I got them, with this (Zwift) update it looks like we’re back to the norm of introducing bugs along with the new features:

I’m on ATV and pairing everything through Bluetooth and ZCA running on an iPhone. After the update, after 20+ tries my Plays have only paired from the Zwift startup pairing screen successfully twice. It’s all a bit haphazard, but generally what’s happening for me is that the lights on the controllers go solid, indicating they’re paired, and the Zwift startup pairing screen steering indicator also indicates “Connected”, but the battery level indicators remain blank, the bluetooth indicator on ZCA remains orange, I get no haptic feedback from the Plays indicating that they’ve paired, and they remain unresponsive. The moment I select “Let’s Go” the BT indicator on ZCA turns blue, but the Plays remain unresponsive. One time all indications were that they’d fully paired successfully, but in fact the right controller was completely unresponsive.

The only way I’ve been able to consistently get the Plays to fully pair and work after the update is to leave them off during the initial startup pairing sequence, select “Let’s Go” (using my ATV remote), then re-enter pairing mode from the main Zwift landing screen, then turn them on. Once I figured this out they’ve paired flawlessly for me every time using the sequence, but just don’t pair correctly from the initial pairing screen. I’ve tried different combos of when I turn the controllers on (before/after starting Zwift, before/after starting ZCA, etc) but nothing seems to work.

Here are my setup deets:
Apple TV 4K G2 #A2169: TVOS 16.5 (latest) running Zwift 1.43.0 (latest)
iPhone SE2 #A2275: iOS 16.5.1 (latest) running Zwift Companion 3.48.0 (latest)
Original Play: v1.1.0 (latest)

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