Not getting 3 minute Coffee Stop [1.41] [June 2023] [SOLVED]

I had the 30 sec coffee stop this morning after 45 mins. Nearly had a heart attack trying to get back to the group after I returned from the loo! :sob:


I have the same problem. The 30 second coffee stop is always active. It doesn’t go away after 5 minutes as it did previously. After more than 30 minutes it is still only 30 seconds.

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Popping in to let you all know that we believe we have a solution to this issue, and you’ll see it shipped in a future game release, though not the very next one coming out.

Additionally - at least during our testing - we found this was only an issue during events but not in free rides. If that isn’t aligned with your experience, then please let me know if I missed that in this thread.

Thanks for the feedback and the reports, we’re working on getting that fixed for you ASAP.


I noticed this in a group ride (timed event) (30 sec coffee break only for the entire hour) but NOT with other group rides (route based) that worked as expected.

This is still a problem with 1.42. It appears to work for me when riding with robopacers but not in group rides. The 30 second coffee break stays active long after the 5 minute mark. Looks to me like it stays all the way to 15 minutes to go in a timed group ride.

Correct, we weren’t able to get the fix in time for 1.42. But I did just confirm that it should be coming out in 1.43 with the team if all goes well. So hopefully the next release will have the fix.

Hi, I had a slightly different issue 2 days ago. I was riding with Yumi and after about 17 minutes thought I’d try out the coffee stop to see how it worked. However, I was told it would not be available for another 13 minutes. I definitely had not already used it earlier in the ride.

I think it’s available only in the first 5 minutes of your ride, and then for just 30 seconds. After a half hour has passed, then the 3 minute is supposed to be available. You were in-between the eligibility periods.

To me it would be easier if it was “a 30 second break (max) if taken with a ride time of less than 30 minutes, then a 3 minute break (max) for every 30 minutes of additional ride time. Unused breaks do not accumulate.”

Maybe I’m missing something?

Thanks John. From the write up on ZI, I had understood that you could get 3 minutes during that first half hour (but only 30s if in the first 5 minutes) and then would be prevented from using it again for 30 minutes. Didn’t think that you had to ride for 30 minutes to be able to use it fully. However, it does appear that you are right and I misunderstood how it works. Good to know for when I genuinely want to use it.

I think the idea is that the first break is for an instance you forgot something… eg. to turn your fan on, or left the water bottle in the kitchen or whatnot. The second one is for calls of nature primarily… or for writing your phd thesis.


Why not just allow coffee stop at anytime for as long as you want?

Join a ride, hit Coffee Stop, step off bike, come back an hour later? It would certainly make levelling up easier.

I assumed you don’t get XP while in coffee stop.

Not true. You accumulate distance, elevation, and XP while using it.

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I realise that now, maybe it shouldn’t. :smile:

Yes only in évent, again today After a little update. It will bé intresting to chose thé Coffe pause Time in ride liké 30" / 1’ / 1’30" / 2’ / 2’30" and 3’

UPDATE June 28
Zwift version 1.43 resolves this issue, and is rolling out in phases over the next couple of days. Please update when it’s available to you.