Zwift Play connection and crashes - PC, Android [June 2023]

I doubt it’s the range to be honest.

I suspect it’s the ongoing issue of the game causing issues with the functionality of the Play. Good news though, a fix is on the way.

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It was me who mentioned range - mainly because when I first checked the controllers I had them right by my PC and I had no issues connecting them and keeping connection.

Once I attached the controllers to the bike, that was when the problems started - the bike is approx 1.5 to 2m from the PC and in general I can connect BT devices over a much larger range than that.

This is making me wonder if the controllers (particularly the right one for some reason) have poor BT range which initially (for me at least - I know others are still having the issue) was then triggering the crashes. Using CA takes away the disconnection issue since the phone is so close to the controllers.

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I suspect range as well, but it’s a hunch. Same symptom—both have connection issues to a PC but the one farther away disconnects more.

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It’s also possible that the phone and your PC Bluetooth adapter are not using the same version of the Bluetooth protocol, which might be an opportunity for some other bug to emerge.

Crashes on ATV also.

Not had crashes before in over 2 years. Happens every ride now with Zwift Play and the new update.

Ruined my last 3 races. :rage:

UPDATE June 28
Zwift version 1.43 resolves the crash on Android. This is a phased rollout over the next couple of days. We appreciate your patience!

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Like Daniel, I’m too having trouble with my Play Controllers not pairing properly on initial start-up. The left connects but right doesn’t. I have to untick and re-tick or remove Play controllers and add again. Or turn off and on again.

Windows 11 PC
Zwift Play firmware: 1.1.0
Kickr Bike V2

Will there be a fix coming for this?

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I have Zwift running 1.43 on a PC and the Play controllers on v1.1.0 and they are still making Zwift freeze where I then have to restart it. I have all trainer and HR devices on Ant+ the crash has happened consistently on events, RoboPacer or free rides and can happen between 1min to 49 mins. I have had years of Zwifting without any crashes or freezing, this only started since connecting the Play controllers.

Will there be additional fixes rolled out for PC? I connect my Kickr trainer & HR monitor via Ant+ (USB dongle) and only the Zwift Play controllers via Bluetooth. I’ve had frequent issues with one or both controllers disconnecting every few minutes during rides. Turning the controllers off and on fixes it temporarily. Thanks!

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And ATV. Frequent disconnects since firmware 1.1

Additional improvements are currently being worked on for potential game freezes on PC when using Play controllers; we’re targeting having these out in the next release.

I’ll add this for the record just to help the devs on this. I have been having the same issues as others with Android setup.

I got hold of an old PC. Its a Surface Pro 4 I think, running Win10. 8GB RAM, Core i5. Well within Zwift spec despite its age.

I installed the latest Zwift app fresh and used my Android phone to connect devices via the Companion app as the BT is a bit old on the Surface Pro.

Everything connected fine and quite quickly TBH. I then did the test run with the power ups (cant remember the name!!!) and had trouble using the LEFT controller moving left button. The bike was responsive going to the RIGHT but was sketchy going left. Everything else seemed to work OK.

Then did a 45 minute session, controllers worked fine. I did some sprints whilst using the cintrollers to apex the bends fine. I used the controllers to use the menu, U turn and give/resend Ride ons and use power ups.

I telelported and joined a robo pacer for about 25 mins and everything worked fine.

So with the PC on Win10 using companion app to connect devices I had no issues whatsoever.

Usability feedback:

  1. I have very little room between my brake levers/gear shifters and the play controllers so I accidentally hit the brakes with annoying frequency. I did it enough to be dropped from the robo pacer group.

It would be nice to switch off the brakes, I don’t see why you need them?

One silver lining in this is using the PC and a cable to my TV I didn’t realise how amazing the picture is compared to Chromecasting from my Android phone. A lot of cables about now but maybe worth it!!!

I also have to say that having used these properly now, there is definitely scope for these to add hugely to the Zwifting experience.


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Just adding in another data point, my first ride with the Play controllers a few days ago did yield one of the freezes mentioned above. It lasted about 20 seconds and my avatar resumed only with the group I originally started with 20 seconds up the road. This has not repeated in the subsequent three rides, but for bug fix purposes my dedicated Zwift machine is:
Windows 10 PC
2070 Graphics Card
UHD Settings
The first ride used Bluetooth connection for Play controllers and ANT+ for all other peripherals.

Glad to see this issue has been identified and looking forward to the forthcoming update.

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Some people are going through the most amount of effort to get play working…yet race organiser can turn steering off, should not have that option, steering on always.

I pair the controllers using the companion app on an iphone and that has been much better for me.

Same here.

At each session, the brake gets stuck and I can’t move forward. I have to disconnect the controllers to be able to ride again. The brake locks up when I’m not using it. I’m on Windows and I use bluetooth to connect my controllers.

I’ve never been this angry or frustrated since…I can’t remember.

Updated Zwift this morning, very short test then closed it.
All good.

Then comes the weekly race series.
I wait all week for this.

Out of the Pen, in the lead blob, first Sprint is pretty good.

Then the Play controllers stop working.
I’m stuck to the far right and out of the draft, 20kms into a 43km race, what do I do?
Kept pedalling and turned them off/on again.

They work.

I’m still doing OK in the race, matching my Cat competitors and I should score well and move up the leaderboard a little.

Then at 30kms, the game freezes and there is nothing I can do. I keep pedalling just in case but no joy.

A dedicated and purpose built Zwift PC that has never crashed before I connected the Play Controllers.

Thank you, Zwift.

Well worth the money, not.

Now how do I return them for a full refund?
Zwift Support magically disappear as soon as I mention ‘return’ and ‘cancel’.

Funny that, hey!?

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Are you truly set on turning this space into a breeding ground for negativity? Could you perhaps shed some light on how your comments on all of the Zwift Play posts are nurturing our community, rather than merely being a conduit for your own frustration?

Remember, you’ve voluntarily joined an open Beta program. It serves as a platform for Zwift to detect and resolve issues that may not be apparent at a smaller scale. You were fully aware of this when you purchased a device clearly marked as “BETA,” so is it not a bit paradoxical to express frustration over encountering those very bugs?

Moreover, why would you decide to utilize a beta device in a race you aim to compete in? Any seasoned cyclist can tell you - avoid introducing anything new on race day! While Zwift does bear responsibility for the bugs, the way you set your expectations and react to them falls squarely on your shoulders. If you weren’t ready to potentially navigate through bugs or failures, perhaps waiting until the devices were out of the testing phase would have been the wiser choice. Beta users were offered the discount on the MSRP in large part to incentivize a willingness to tolerate system hiccups.

Returning them is a straightforward process, should you choose to do so. But, please, refrain from fostering a negative atmosphere. The rest of our community is here with a shared purpose - providing valuable feedback to Zwift developers, aiding in the swift advancement of the Play controllers toward a full release.


There’s a clear line between sharing your experience and recruiting. Let’s not blur that line. It seems you are bent on ensuring everyone discussing the Play controllers hears about your ‘disastrous’ experience, implying they should avoid purchasing them. While you have every right to express your dissatisfaction, broadcasting your single negative experience as the headline of Zwift forums might be considered disproportionate.

To clarify, I am not ‘offended’ by “doing the best for your team.” Rather, I am highlighting the negative impact of your consistent efforts to saturate the forums with diatribes that lack constructive value. This forum is built on mutual respect and understanding, and many users in this thread have reported their issues while demonstrating an understanding of what they signed up for.

If you wish to return your product, a simple email to will set the process in motion. You paid for a beta experience, not a service, and that’s what you’re receiving. It’s not without its bumps, but that’s part and parcel of beta launches.

Feel free to take the last word here; I’m not particularly interested in getting embroiled in an emotionally charged debate with you. I merely invite you to step back with a different perspective.