Title Music doesn't play [1.40] [May 2023]

Long live the title music! I like it. I noticed too that my switch was set to ON and all I heard were birds and game sounds, I think.


Not sure if it’s the same issue but the Title Music falls under the 3D World Sounds slider in settings. I have Title Music on because I actually like it, and 3D world sounds off, but there’s no title music as a result.


yeah only birds here as well


that’s one on the new improvements.

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Turned On and no music playing as well here

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I just had time to dig into this. Apparently no fix as yet? I’m getting birds here on 29-May-2023.

Hey folks, thanks for reporting this issue. We’re on it and will have title music working properly (respecting your settings, of course) in an upcoming release.


Just installed the latest update and still no fix… I miss the music, it makes me salivate as I prepare for a ride!


Can’t wait 'til it is resolved, my household loves the title music!

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Update June 12:
The fix was found, but not in time for the Zwift v1.42 release that’s underway.

It should be in the next release cycle at the end of this month. We appreciate your patience, everyone.


Please fix the mysic

Still not working in 1.42, come on zwift get it sorted, rather than messing around with unneeded things like coffee stops

Shuji confirmed above that it is not fixed in 1.42, likely 1.43.


When will the update come out so the music plays once again at start up?

UPDATE June 28


ok this ^^ made my day. :rofl: :rofl:


This is not fixed. Title Music is still controlled by the 3D World Sounds slider in 1.43. Title music set to on and 3d world sounds all the way down equals no title music.


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Title Music is re-broken in 1.44. Clicking around on the 3D World Sounds slider resulted in one or two very brief (1/10 sec or so) moments of the music coming through. So still somehow connected to 3d world sounds, and also broken some other way - possibly whatever changed to break it in 1.40.

Edit: back to working this morning but only if 3D world sounds is turned up.

Best dig that video out that Shuji posted again.