AppleTV option to switch off music?

I know this topic has been done to death but please please please can you put an option on AppleTV to switch off the Zwift music? 

When I was using Zwift on a PC at least I was able to go in, change a line of code and nix the music but, since I bought AppleTV, I’ve had it foisted on me all over again. 

Like many people, I listen to music while Zwifting. I also like a good remix as much as the next man. What I don’t like however is a combination of ‘music I like and want to listen to’ alongside ‘Zwift title music’. 

Please help. 

Doesnt the music stop when you play the game anyway? All I get is the in game sound effects.

Yeah, it does but that doesn’t stop it from being wildly annoying on the login, pairing and course choice pages/menus.

Why not just adjust the music level in the settings page to ZERO - then you don’t get music at all.


Its on the toggle bar at the top of the page.

Thanks for the suggestion Vlad.

Does that affect any other sounds within the game/on the login screens or apply purely to the music? If it’s definitely just the latter, I’ll do that. 

Under the settings there are 2 sliders at top of page.

one slider controls the sounds of the game, birds and gear changes and wheel noise etc.   The other one does the music.

Unfortunately - the music whilst screens load at the start of Zwift cant be changed - but once the map loads and you sit on the road all music will be dead.

Thanks Vlad.

So the annoying title screen music can’t be switched off? Darn! It’s the only bit I’ve got a problem with. It really grates on me. 

Is there in-game music? I’ve never noticed any. Maybe I’m severely lacking in perception. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve missed something obvious and surely won’t be the last. 

I’m sure I’ve read posts by people complaining about the music for well over a year now. Having a toggle on/off would be such a simple fix for this. I’m surprised and disappointed the Zwift bigwigs haven’t done something about it. 

There’s no music in game and no in game option to turn it off. It is really annoying that you load the game and the music comes in really really loud. Just at the point when you’re messing about getting your kit organised, then you have to run for the Mute quick enough that the kids aren’t woken.

What’s a bit of a pain too is, with the AppleTV remote, it doesn’t have a mute button and I need to press the ‘volume down’ button for each ‘unit’ of volume.

That’s to say, if the volume reading is 15 I need to press ‘volume down’ fifteen times to mute it. I can’t simply hold the button down. At least that’s how it works with the video device I’m using. It’s a right nuisance.

Grrr! Stoopid AppleTV remote! I’ve expressed that sentiment more than once but normally using words I wouldn’t write here.  

Yeah. Why is Zwift not able to play my music and playlist? The opening credits music :notes: sucks the enthusiasm from me.