Inconsistent UI element: Home screen music (ATV vs iPad)

Hey HQ!

Minor but persistently annoying quality of life issue:

  • on iPad, there’s a toggle on the main login screen to disable music (top left)
  • on ATV, no toggle - you’re stuck with music, unless you mute the entire system

Screen caps attached.

Seems like a minor oversight - this should be easy enough to make consistent across platforms.

Does Apple TV have the title music on/off toggle in the settings menu like PC/Mac users have?

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I thought that’s where it used to be on ATV…and didn’t see it there today.

I don’t think there’s ever been an option to turn off the title music on ATV. I’ve now developed a Pavlovian response to it…


Hi CJ, thanks for reaching out!

That mute in the upper left corner is a feature of the iPad and not Zwift, so that is why you do not see it in the ATV app.

As for the request for the option to remove title screen music on ATV, I’ve passed your request on to our developers.

Feedback from Zwifters like yourself is incredibly useful in our efforts to improve not just the Zwift app, but all other aspects of the Zwifting experience, and for all members of the Zwift community.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns; we would be happy to help in any way we can!

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Hi @Otto_Destruct

I like your suggestion though I’m not sure if it’s a true Bugs and Support issue, but rather a Feature Request that might be better suited to that section of the Forums. If so, we’ll see about moving it over there. Thanks!


Thanks Alex! (and @Steven_D!)

One minor point to add:

I’m unsure of that.

For context: when I click that button on the iPad, I can still hear all other audio in Zwift, from clicks in the main menu, to environmental sounds in game etc - it’s ONLY the title music that mutes.

The implication is the button is a Zwift feature, not iPadOS.