2 missing features only on **AppleTv** version of Zwift - please ADD THEM Zwift!

Hi there!

@Vincent could you please pass these along, to the AppleTv division at Zwift:

Could you guys please implement two missing features, which apparantly are only left out of the AppleTv version for Zwift but are implemented on other platforms!

01 - the DELETE button is missing for the calibration screen of foot pods - this screenshot is taken from the Android version which DOES have the button. I need this button to delete/reset the Stryd footpod’s settings inside Zwift. I Want to see how it performs out-of-the-box without any calibration:

and this screenshot is taken from the PC version, which also has this feature and calls it “Unpair”:

and last, here you can see the AppleTv4k screen on an already calibrated Stryd foot pod, where there’s no delete/unpair button available:

02 - the “toggle title music” inside Zwift is also missing from the AppleTv version but seems to be present in all other platforms. As you can see it’s still missing in the latest version of Zwift:

Although this is on the change list for version 1.0.31304 from the Oct 29, 2018 (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zwift/id1134655040?mt=8), of the AppleTv version does NOT have this button:

This feature is STILL missing as of 11th of January 2019:

Sent the error with the calibration screen up to the appropriate teams. The toggle music option is known but there hasn’t been an update on that :confused:

I ditto the “unpair” option for Apple TV! It’s desperately needed.

@Vincent_Williams1 when will the toggle music toggle for title screen be added for the AppleTv?
Listed as implemented on 29th of October 2018 …