Calibrating Milestone/Zwift pod

(Jonas Åhlander) #1

So, now with the official Zwift pod out, I’ll give the Milestone one more chance with the new 3-speed calibration option.
Can’t find the calibration option when running the iOS, but it’s there on my Mac.

Calibration not available option on mobile devices?

(Eric Malzahn (B)) #2

Fired up my Mac (normally use Apple TV or iOS) and didn’t see this 3-step calibration.

(Jonas Åhlander) #3

No, my bad. Missunderstood the calibration process in the osX app. The real problem was my iOS app. A short while some week ago there was an update available where the calibration wasn’t available at all and so I jumped to the wrong conclusion… Sorry.

(Eric Malzahn (B)) #4

Hi Jonas,
Yeah I was in OSX too. What revision of Zwift on OSX do you have that has 3-step calibration?

(Jonas Åhlander) #5

I don’t! :slight_smile:
I was comparing the iOS with OSX app and didn’t have any calibration option at all in iOS (due to a now known and corrected bug in a release a few weeks back. Then compared with OSX and misunderstood the usual 3-step procedure and then jumped to my own wrong conlusion. Sorry for the confusion.

(Eric Malzahn (B)) #6

Gotcha! Thanks