Calibrating Milestone/Zwift pod

So, now with the official Zwift pod out, I’ll give the Milestone one more chance with the new 3-speed calibration option.
Can’t find the calibration option when running the iOS, but it’s there on my Mac.

Calibration not available option on mobile devices?

Fired up my Mac (normally use Apple TV or iOS) and didn’t see this 3-step calibration.

No, my bad. Missunderstood the calibration process in the osX app. The real problem was my iOS app. A short while some week ago there was an update available where the calibration wasn’t available at all and so I jumped to the wrong conclusion… Sorry.

Hi Jonas,
Yeah I was in OSX too. What revision of Zwift on OSX do you have that has 3-step calibration?

I don’t! :slight_smile:
I was comparing the iOS with OSX app and didn’t have any calibration option at all in iOS (due to a now known and corrected bug in a release a few weeks back. Then compared with OSX and misunderstood the usual 3-step procedure and then jumped to my own wrong conlusion. Sorry for the confusion.

Gotcha! Thanks