Zwift Runpod

(Wes Hyett) #1

Zwift runpod came on Tuesday, I carried out a calibration at 12kph followed by a progressive 5km run starting at 10kph finishing at 13.5kph.

Pairing and Calibration were non eventful and then on to the start.

1st km @ 10kph returned 10kph average
2nd km @ 11kph returned 11.1kph average
3rd km @ 12kph returned 12.3kph average
4th km @ 12.7kph returned 13kph average
5th km @ 13.5kph returned 13.8kph average

I may have placed the footpod slightly higher on my foot so next time I intended to lower slightly and recalibrate.

however… Not such a good experience on Wednesday!

I Turned on the Apple TV (latest OS and version of Zwift) went to pair the footpod which didn’t appear in the list I tried turning off and on the Apple TV again, I also reinstalled zwift which still didn’t work. Eventually I took the battery out of the runpod and reinserted which then allowed me to pair.

After a short period the speed and SPM were no longer shown in the pairing screen and just the footpod name was shown. At this point I attempted to calibrate.

Went to the calibration screen, set a speed of 14.1kph, which I also set the treadmill to. Zwift didn’t see any speed so wouldn’t start the 60 seconds countdown when calibrating.

I tried this over and over for possibly an hour or more and still did not work. I then tried another battery (albeit out of a used device so unsure of battery %) which proved to show the same.

I have opened a support ticket for this however was expecting faster feedback.


(Ryan Goldenberg [VFox]) #2

Wes, any word back from Support? I’ve had mixed results with the RunPod I just started using this week. I can usually pair the device and my HRM initially, but one or both have lost connection several times during my two runs to date. Speed is also much faster than my treadmill setting (and what I know I can sustain outdoors), even after calibrating. Interested if you’ve had any resolution yet - thanks.


(Wes Hyett) #3

I eventually got some feedback from support who thought it had been paired to a device which it could not un-pair from however there was no way of knowing which device or when/how.

In the end Zwift couldn’t sort the issue so sent out a new footpod. This one did the same after the first run and was dead 24 hours after, however once I’d removed the battery and reinserted it, this one came back to life.

I have probably covered 100miles with the new one and only dropped out twice which sorted itself within a few seconds so no issues.

Pace is very sporadic but I think this is the same with any footpod as it relies on quite a few things to happen to give a precise figure. My treadmill is dialled in pretty spot on, over half marathon 13.1miles/21.1km on the treadmill, zwift was half a mile/800m behind, for example normally I will run around 11kph and the footpod sits at around 10.7-10.9kph.

Is this what you see?


(Ryan Goldenberg [VFox]) #4

Before my first run I went through the calibration. The footpod then read 0.5-1.0kph faster than the treadmill speed. On the second run, I was hoping to re-calibrate but lost connection twice in the process and didn’t have time to try again. It continued to read faster than the treadmill, but dropped out 3 times in a 40min session, requiring me to reconnect via the pairing screen. I have access to another treadmill that should have less interference from other people, so I may see if that helps with the dropped connections.


(Dominique Louis G_T🏊🏻🚴🏼🏃🏼) #5

I had the same problem with dropouts, but this started working once I downloaded the Milestone phone app, which then upgraded the Pod’s firmware. Then things worked better. It still isn’t 100% perfect, but it is much better, IMO.