Milestone footpod issues

I am new to zwift used my footpod once and it moved avatar but it was way off on pace so I tried to calibrate after some research. I am using iOS devices and a Mac computer and after I selected speed it will not show START button for calibration just says start treadmill running to calibrate. Ran for about 2-3 minutes a few times but nothing happened. Even deleted and reinstalled app on my device.
To top it it does not move avatar any more.
Anyone had these issues and was able to fix it?

Hi @ADAUTO_NASCIMENTO, Try removing the battery for a few seconds and then replacing. This is a common issue with the MilestonePod.

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Jon I was able to move avatar but still did not calibrate.
In some posting and videos I watched it says that after press next will appear a start button but on all three devices here(iPhone, iPad and apple computer) the START buttom for calibration does not appear and on the screen says start running on treadmill to calibrate but nothing happens.
Thank again for your help

I had the same problem on multiple different run attempts, 2 at the gym and 2 outside. I was “Connected,” but the avatar was not moving. I took the battery out for like a minute and put it back in… It FIXED IT!!!