Milestone Pod Accuracy

I’ve been running with the milestone pod for about 50~ miles now and it is still inaccurate. I have the latest firmware and the latest zwift app. I have to calibrate it ever time I run and even after doing that, its only marginally accurate at around 6-7.5 MPH and horribly inaccurate at anything under 5.5 MPH. At higher speeds, Zwift is .3 to .5 MPH faster then my treadmill is set, and at under 5.5 MPH Zwift is .5 to 1mph slower then my treadmill is set.

Is this as good as it gets? Is this an inherent fault that Ill just have to live with?

Also seeing terrible inaccuracy. Have physically gotten the sub-6 achievement multiple times now, but due to the pod being worthless above 10mph I’m going to have to set near 10.7 to actually nab it on Zwift.

Hey @Michael_Collins have you had a chance to calibrate your pod? From the Milestone FAQ:

Just like many wearable devices, the Pod might need to be calibrated to ensure the highest accuracy. The most important moments to calibrate are when the Pod is new, when the battery is new, and when the firmware has been updated.

To calibrate, go the Run Details page in your App and hit “tap to calibrate” located top left, under the distance readout. Enter the correct mileage (or kilometers) and hit “OK.” Take note of the accuracy on your next run. You may need to calibrate one more time or you may be ok!

If you do not think calibration is the issue, then check out the built-in START, STOP and PAUSE parameters (listed below). Take special note of #2 – your run in question MAY have been split into two sessions (see your RUN LOG to check).

Yes, calibrated at 7mph and then again at 9mph in that session to see if it made a difference. It was barely more accurate with the faster calibration.

Began the Amazon return process :confused: