Running Speed Accuracy?

TIA, which speed is more accurate? I am using Milestonepod to assess my run afterwards but also using it during Zwift run.
I set my treadmill to 10km/h but Zwift shows that I am doing 8-8.5 km/h on my screen

When I download data from MilestonePod it shows about the same as the treadmill.
Does anyone else see this?
Which should I believe? Should I take an average?

Currently the MilestonePod takes a few instances of running in order to sync properly to your actual pace. I’d recommend using the data you downloaded from the Pod as the accurate speed. Run a few times with the MilestonePod and it should sync more accurately.

Thanks Vincent. I will take this on board. :grinning:

My Milestone pod is generally within .1kmh of the treadmill speed. You need to make sure you have calibrated the pod correctly with the Milestone app on your phone by going for a run of an exact known distance and then correcting the reading in the app. Do Not use the calibration function in Zwift for this or you will get errors all over the place with it. Also if you are chasing speed on the treadmill do it gently so the pod keeps pace. I sudden large speed change throws the calibration off (I have logged this as a bug).