What's with the sound on Apple TV

Every time I finish a workout on the apple tv, I exit out of the app, put the ATV to sleep and turn off the tv. When I go back to start a new workout, get everything turned on and start up Zwift, there is no sound. So I have to exit out, restart the ATV and boot up Zwift again. After doing so, the sound is playing fine.

Is there a way to fix this? This is getting really irritating having to restart the ATV every time I want to start up Zwift and do a workout.

I believe disabling Siri might/will solve this problem.

When you put your AppleTV to sleep, the TV doesn’t automatically turn off as well? I ask because mine does.

Also, force quit Zwift and the Companion app after each ride to avoid a lot of issues.


My ATV does the same, and it is only on Zwift. After waking the ATV from sleep and launching Zwift the title music comes on for a split second at the initial screen where you select the account, but then goes off.
The only workaround I’ve found is to quit from that screen back to the ATV home screen and keep trying - it’s fairly quick to do because Zwift hasn’t done its full load yet. Usually the title music plays properly on the 3rd or fourth try. When the title music works then the rest of the sound on Zwift is OK.
That’s quicker than a full reboot of the ATV but it obviously still isn’t ideal so hopefully someone will know of a permanent fix.

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When you say “quit”, are you pressing the menu button or are you force-quitting Zwift? I would definitely do the latter - always force-quit Zwift when exiting, as Lin said.

Hmm I will have to try force quitting the app. They (Apple) are pretty vague on showing you how to use the apple tv. I just got it a few weeks ago.

Double-click on the TV button on the remote when you’re in Zwift and have finished and saved your ride. You’ll get a side-scrolling view of all the running apps. When the ine you want to force-quit is in the middle, swipe up on the touchpad and it will kill it.

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On my setup, I just grab the remote for the TV (not the ATV remote), select another input like TV or HDMI2, then switch back to HDMI1 where the ATV is connected.

Can’t recall if I saw it here or another forum but works for me. No need to force quit the app or restart ATV.

Click the mic button on the remote then click it again. It will fix the sound issue.