No sound if re-entering the Zwift app. Restart or force-close needed

Since the latest upgrate of the iOS version, on AppleTV there’s no sound in Zwift the next time I start Zwift, after I did my previous workout closing the app in between … only way to fix it is to restart the Zwift app or to a force-close on the Zwift app!?

Can you please have a look at this and fix it, really annoying to have to restart the AppleTv to get the sound back on … the sound works in all other apps, without a restart. This happens if you for example do you workout (with sound) and leave Zwift open. The next day you want to do a workout, there’s no sound … no music in the menu and no in-game sounds. The only way to fix it, is to restart the AppleTv4k or force-close the Zwift app like this :frowning:

How to Force-Close an App on Apple TV App

You may need to force-quit an app if it’s not responding. You can perform this action from anywhere on Apple TV, whether you’re in an app or on the main screen:

  1. Double-click the Home button to bring up the app switcher.
  2. If you’re in the app, it will be first, otherwise, swipe right until the app is most present.
  3. Swipe up and the app will disappear to the top.
  4. Click the Home button to return to the main screen.

FYI… You should force quit both the Zwift app and the Companion app after each Zwift session. Otherwise, you will run into all kinds of issues!

I’ve never ever had to force quit Zwift … and I’ve used it for a very long time, without issues. This sound issue is brand new :thinking:

Nobody said you had to force quit. I only recommended it. If you haven’t run into a problem until now, you are in the very very small minority. Again, a recommendation. YMMV :man_shrugging:

You said I should force-quit … which I’ve never had to do!

Which problems are you facing if you don’t force-quit the Zwift app after each session, give me some examples? Have you mentioned it to Zwift? They’re usually pretty quick fixing the bugs from my experience with them.
-Are you using AppleTv4k for running Zwift?

I have been using Zwift since 2015 on various platforms, including the Apple TV 4K. You yourself said that force quitting the app resolved your problem. I’m not here to argue w/you. I was making a recommendation based on personal experience as well as what has been written here on the forum. I force quit Zwift and the Companion app after each use. As a result, I have not had any issue w/racing, group rides, workouts, Companion app syncing up, etc.

While occasionally Zwift personnel will look and respond to forum messages, the best way to contact support is not via the forum but directly via:

Ride On :+1:

Thanx. Again - which bugs have you had, related to not force-quitting Zwift on AppleTv4k?

Is anybody from Zwift even looking into this??

I am also having this problem with a brand new Apple 4k TV. I have sound about half the time. Zwift sound controls have zero impact on the problem.

Same problem, 4th gen atv.
Its not normal.

Just to get on record, sometimes my Zwift is silent as well. I can tell there will be no sound when the Name screen comes up. No music, I’ll have to ride in silence.

Same here, very frustrating.

Same here (Apple TV/4K). The sound works less than half the time when I use Zwift. And there are no settings changes that give me different outcomes. Zwift, please address this!! Thanks.

Same issue. Checked here to see if others have a fix. I’ll try the force stop.

Got the same issue - no sound with IPad. Have checked all settings, closed the app even reinstalled. Works on the iphone bout that doesn’t help.

If you launch the app from the siri button and tell her to open Zwift the sound magically comes back. No need to kill the app after each ride.

Thanks Steve. Asking Siri to start Zwift fixes the no sound issue for me. The problem now is that Siri mistakes the word Zwift for Swift :grinning::grinning::grinning:. But after a few attempts Siri understand.

I was having this issue for weeks. Today I accidentally found that if at first screen w/o sound click on mic button one or a few times, then menu and sound comes back!

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Truning off and on my tv seems to reset the sound too.

You need/should kill the app completely after each ride. Otherwise, you will have odd issues pop up.