Apple TV 4K sound not working

Bought an ATV 4K about a week ago. About 50% of the time there is no sound. No game sound, no menu sounds. I usually end the ride and restart. ATV has sound once out of zwift. Restart, and it works…until this morning. I restarted a few times and the sound never came back. Any ideas?

Check your sound settings in the Apple TV settings. If set incorrectly, you can have this kind of problem.

If using your TV speakers, then you should probably also check if your TV firmware/software needs updating.

Also manually check your TV OS is updated along with the Zwift app.

Rob, I’ve got the same thing happening mate. The sound works fine for every other ATV App but is relatively hit and miss with Zwift.

Not sure that any settings are actually to blame as I’ve gone through them as well. Let’s see what the next update brings but until then I guess we just have to “put up with the BUG”.

Thanks. No issues with any other apps on ATV, or the tv. Appreciate the help.

After posting, I found another post on this issue. That post recommended force closing the app instead of just exiting the app and logging back in. Here’s a link.

i have this problem but with the ATV itself… when it happens i just switch in and out of the TV input- switch the remote to a different HDMI input, switch back to the one your ATV is on, then sound returns for me

You should always force quit the Zwift app as well as the Companion app between rides. This includes back to back Zwift sessions such as riding for 30min and then deciding to join a race. Force quitting will save you a lot of trouble.

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Thanks for this hint… I’m pretty sure it does solve the issue for one session. Like you’ve pointed out I need to do that after every session. I’ll make sure I do that from now on.

sometimes i get this.

try pressing the “siri” button on the remote -the one which sticks out- that usually fixes it for me


Thx for the tip! Not asking how and why, but it solved this issue for me as well. Must of course be a bug and I hope Zwift will deliver a more sustainable solution

For anyone who found that nothing above helped, my problem was that I had paired a some bluetooth headphones with Apple TV. It seemed that even when the headphones were not connected Zwift sometimes tried to use them. One I removed the headphones, zwift sound worked again.

for me, i would switch tv inputs out of and back to the ATV HDMI input.

Also I noticed that when first selecting the zwift app, the music takes a second to kick in, so if you log in immediately before that its silent… so maybe a buggy issue.

Yes! For me the issue was not specific to Apple TV 4K; the issue also was happening on previous generation Apple TV. My symptom was very often when starting Zwift, either no sound or sound for a brief moment followed by silence. Restarting the Apple TV would almost always fix it (but who wants to do that every time you go to use Zwift!). Having seen your suggestion, I have verified that when audio fails to start, briefly pressing the Siri microphone on the Apple TV remote immediately restores audio. So far 100% success with this workaround.

This was definitely the solve for me (none of the other above worked other than resetting ATV each time). The true solution on this thread: after opening Zwift with no sound, quick tap in the microphone button (Siri) on the remote and then once more to make Siri go away = suddenly have Zwift sound/music again. Clearly a bug in the app that Zwift still needs to fix.

Issue still there, this looks to be linked with the resume function when I wake up my appletv

I have been running Zwift on Apple TV since the Apple TV 4K came out, so a bit over 3yrs. I have never had this issue.

Aside from making sure both the Apple TV OS and Zwift app are fully updated, perhaps disable Siri :man_shrugging: While I use Siri often on my iPhone and occasionally on my MacBook Pro, I have never felt the need to with my Apple TV. I cannot be sure without checking, but I believe I disabled Siri when I setup the Apple TV.

Another thing would be to make sure you force quit Zwift after each session.

Trust me… restart the app each time you use it. It will reset the game and everything will work as normal.

Also make sure you have auto updates enabled for Zwift.

I’ve finally managed to fix this problem on my ATV 4K by doing a complete ATV system reset, doing a full install and update, then reinstalling Zwift.

Hope this helps.

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I’m seeing this as well. restarting Zwift sems to fix it. Have not restarted my 4k Apple tv yet…

The suggestions to press the Siri button (I had to press again to disable Siri) worked like a champ for me. Thanks to all that suggested this. I had been going through the PITA restart of my Apple TV routine.