Bring back the original startup music!

(Neil) #1

As above. It’s fundamental to the Zwift experience! Anyone that doesn’t like it is just some sort of weird deviant.

Going to cancel my subscription unless the music is brought back (at least as an option). Seriously.

(Z Kryder) #2

Buy the album.

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Zwift Theme Music


(Chris Hanger) #4

Make intro music a .cfg file item.

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(Eddie) #5

In C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\Audio\PC\

899869566.wem is the new music
777200017.wem is the old music

So (with Zwift closed):

  1. rename 899869566.wem to 899869566.wem.bak
  2. rename 777200017.wem to 899869566.wem

Restart Zwift and enjoy the old music. :wink:

(Neil) #6

@Eddie_Waldmire thanks, will try that!

(Reed Markley) #7

Works for me. Thanks.

(Chris Hanger) #8

I’ll see if something similar is possible on the Mac, and letcha know…

(Johnathan) #9

Wait… Zwift has sounds?? :joy:

(Ben) #10

lol, how can anyone be so serious about the startup music?

I want the Cpt. Future Theme :smiley:

(Neil) #11

I’m half-serious about being completely serious… It kind of matters, even though it doesn’t… :wink:

Through continual reinforcement the original startup music is one of the environmental cues that switches my metabolism into Zwift mode. Pretty sure my HR rises slightly as soon as I hear it…

Plus it just fits the original vibe of Watopia. We need more watopianism in Zwift. Why have none of the worlds introduced since Watopia been as good as Watopia?

(.) #12

I also like the original music.
Why don’t we have different music for each world. Good compromise?
The original music for Watopia and the new could be for London maybe?

Failing that could we have music choice via the companion app?

“Ride On”

(Neil) #13

@Eddie_Waldmire I’ve now tried this and it works perfectly, thanks - problem solved!

So if it’s that simple why don’t Zwift just put a toggle switch on the settings screen…?

(answers own question - because it’s that simple? But then why not encourage / publicise it?)

(Lee) #14

Now THAT is seriously true!

(Z Kryder) #15

Oh goody

(Chris Hanger) #16

Any idea how to do the same thing on a MAC?

(Mathew) #17

Thank you!

(David) #18

I quite like the new music … to some extent because when it fires up it annoys my wife less than the original did.

Personally, I would like to be able to import my own start up music, and assign a different one to each world … London Calling by The Clash for London, The Thunderbirds theme for New York, Babylon 5’s season 3 theme for Watopia … you know, good classic cycling music.