Intro music

(S. wimmy McRunFace) #1

Can you PLEASE change the intro music?  It’s horrendous. Zwift, however, is awesome and deserves something more energetic, more fun, more funky, more motivating. Makes me want to hurt myself. 

Please? How hard can it be? 

(James Rees) #2

Change the ‘3D World Volume’ slider to the ‘Off’ position in ‘Settings’ to prevent music from playing on startup.

(S. wimmy McRunFace) #3

Oh, thanks James!  


Still think the program deserves better, though. 

(James Rees) #4

I agree. A ‘Menu Music Off’ setting would do nicely.

(Steve Ellis) #5

For PC users:

(S. wimmy McRunFace) #6

So changing the ‘3D World Volume’ slider to the ‘Off’ position in ‘Settings’ mutes all the  in-game ambient sounds, so that’s not a great solution. 

I’ll have to try the hack. Thanks Steve. 

(S. wimmy McRunFace) #7

I couldn’t find the audio file on my Mac. Other user comments in that link confirmed that the file is not locatable following an update in Feb/Mar 2017.  May still be hackable for PC users but not for Mac users.


Also people commenting there that they hate the music. 

(Vincent W.) #8

Thanks for the feedback on the music! Maybe we should start a contest on original Zwift music from Zwifters? We appreciate you all letting us know how you feel. :) 

(S. wimmy McRunFace) #9

I’m sure there are some musically talented Zwifters out there…

(Andre Hufschmid) #10

who cares about the intro music. I turn on Zwift and in 30 secs i am pedaling away. So i pretty much don’t care what music is played and if any at all.