Volume control for startup music

Please could we have a volume control - or an on off switch for the music on the start up screen? I like to have the volume up when the game is on because the ambient sound effects all add to the immersion of the game. 

That is aside from the music where when I’m setting up (at 6am when the family is still asleep) and I start up Zwift and go to sort out my kit it’s then blasting out music at seemingly twice the volume of anything else in the game 

I’d go as far as to say have it off by default.

Hugely annoying when I have my own music blaring out and suddenly there is this cacophony…

Obviously you can turn the music down in game, but for some reason this seems to have happened to me more than it should have…

I’m happy for the start-up music to disappear completely. Other than to alert the neighbourhood that I’m about to jump into Zwift, I can’t see the purpose.  How about just playing the ambient sound at the spawn site instead?

Start up music is rather irritating. In game sounds I dial down with volume mixer and dial up my music or my Netflix video (when in workout mode - put Zwift UI on the secondary monitor on the wall, but when in game mode I put Zwift on the immersive display right infront of my aerobars.

Losing or mute by default the start up music gets my vote!