Turn off sound

Should be a super easy feature to add… the ability to turn off Zwift sounds.  Would be amazing.

I agree, but I would like to just turn off the cicadas, and leave the rest of the sounds. The cicadas become quite tedious after a while.

Maybe I’m missing something, but you don’t have a volume button on your laptop?

I like to switch back and forth between Zwift & streaming on my laptop / listening to music from my laptop, while keeping Zwift open the whole time…

Ah, got it. Quick fix is phone streaming music to headphones, laptop sound off. Maybe you don’t have this option, so I’d have to agree with your suggestion. 

Please see this previous post:  https://support.zwift.com/hc/communities/public/posts/202325385-Zwift-volume-control

Game Sound Volume and 3D World Volume controls introduced with last week’s release.