Zwift volume control

(Derek Lessard VCH Team) #1

Is there anyway to turn Zwift sound off, while getting lost on the island I also like to get lost in my own music. This was impossible to do with Zwift background noise overlaying my Sportify tracks.

(Arunas Bendoraitis) #2

I’m with Windows and you can turn the Zwift volume down in applications volume control (when you press on the bottom right sound control and enter “Mixer”).

This is not a Zwift feature, but rather just Windows.

(Derek Lessard VCH Team) #3

I’m on a Mac, and there is not “mixer” type application. I downloaded Soundbunny, but worked on everything but Zwift

(Lawyer awyerForFun) #4

Soundbunny doesn’t work with Zwift? Booo.  I was about to download their demo to try it!


(Kevin Eggart) #5

I’m going to try Arunas’ suggestion.  Thanks!!!


(. Romanas Team LT) #6

Aciu Arunas!

(Scott) #7

All part of last week’s release :slight_smile: