Latest Update 1.50.2 (122008) -Sound cannot be turned off

Hi All,

Zwift updated yesterday, WIN10 computer. Game version: 1.50.2 (122008)
Now I’m unable to turn-off all game sounds.
Title music - off
Game sound volume - off
3D World Sound Volume - off
With these settings set to off, I still hear a loud ding when someone gives me a ride-on, and during certain workout intervals.

Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas about solving this issue?

Any chance the sound is coming from the Companion app? There is a setting for that under notifications.

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Hi @Paul_Southworth

THANKS, I had no idea there was a sound setting under the notifications in the companion app. It was ON and just toggled off. I try Zwift a bit later and verify that setting change resolved the issue.

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