Ride-on Sounds

How do I STOP hearing the constant ping of other riders getting Ride-On’s? Is getting insane with the number of riders now.

You can turn down the ‘Game Sound Volume’ in the settings menu. I’m sure this will turn down some other sounds, also, but I’m not sure exactly which ones.

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Nigel is right, turn down game volume but you’ll lose a whole heap of other sounds that you might actually prefer to hear.

Thanks, sounds like another Zwift oversight. When France first started, the horns were incessant. They seem to be less now. Maybe this issue will find itself resolved via a new setting… maybe someday.

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Put headphones on and listen to some music :wink:

I’ve been using Zwift for a few years and have no idea what noise you’re talking about.

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When in the event pen it can be a wall of noise. I sometimes mute the sound until the wheels get moving as it all calms down once the power is cranked up.

There were another couple of threads on this same issue on the game updates board so seems other ppl are also getting annoyed!

Did a ride this evening at prime time 6pm (UK) and the ride on noises were absolutely relentless. Almost every other second for the first half hour I was riding before I couldn’t take it anymore and interrupted a workout to get off the bike and mute my TV.

Definitely needs sorting as I find the other in game noises (e.g. intervals) useful and wouldn’t want to lose them by turning all sounds off, when it’s the ride on noises that are the main irritant.

I start to wonder if it is a bug in zwift now. Almost all the riders i meet gets a ride on, and often at the same time, while all the riders i my direction receives normal amount of ride-ons.

Not a bug. Maybe it’s some of the people who are involved in the cannot have over 5000 followers issue. I imagine riding with one of them could prove annoying.

After my previous flippant response to this topic about using headphones, my headphones unfortunately ran out of charge yesterday and I had to take them off. I see what you mean, it is terrible.

Luckily I had my remote to hand so could turn the volume down, but as others have said, that means you lose all noises.