Stop the ride-on pings

We need to be able to STOP the incessant, and increasingly annoying sound of RIDE-ON’s without turning down the sound for everything else.

The number of ride-ons is totally out of control. Rides are now a constant “bing-bing-bing”. This is insane. And if I turn the sound off, I miss the birds, water, road noise, etc. No way is the cacophony of Ride-On sounds enjoyable to hear.

Yes it’s ruining the atmosphere. No reason ride ons :+1: need to be heard.


I definately agree. Now riding without sound but it makes using a training plan and its sound prompts much harder.

The constant ping ping ping seems to be worse recently?

You can turn down “game sounds” in the settings menu without turning down “3D world sounds.”


Wow, that sounds WAY too easy. I’ll definitely try that for tomorrows ride. Thanks!

The alterative of turning game sounds off is not acceptable since I then miss the notifications in my workouts etc. Just add a tick-box where you can choose to turn off ride-on notifications! Can’t be that hard. And they are insanely loud by the way.


Agree with Martin. There are useful sounds like achievements and workout notifications that I wouldn’t want to turn off. But ride-ons and voiced reactions sometimes are really annoying.
The request is not solved.


Let’s face it, apart from your own ride ons, why do you need to hear someone else’s, it’s pathetic, since the realm of the multi likes, 5 random likes with the press of one button?!? Come on Zwift, just turn off the annoying pings apart from your own sounds, surely it’s not that difficult.

I posted this elsewhere earlier today, but here it is again:

I had a ‘glitch’ this morning (accidentally pressed some button on the ATV remote) that closed the Zwift app. When I re-entered everything was working as though I had never left the app, except that ALL of the sounds were gone EXCEPT for the ‘ping’ for Ride-Ons I received. This leads me to believe that turning off the Ride-On sound for everyone but yourself must be possible with reasonable ease. I would LOVE to see this implemented ASAP!

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i agree- turn them OFF …is this a new feature ???