Ubiquitous sound giving Ride On!

Ubiquitous sound giving Ride On. How do I turn off the sounds with other rides? You don’t mind the continuous sound while driving :+1: :+1::+1: after 5 minutes, only a beeping in my head. There used to be fewer people going and that didn’t bother. It is exhausting for my ears. After adding give RideOn in the Companion app. And a circle on the map. This is tiring. turning the sound off with the slider gets rid of my sounds.

YES YES YES! This is so obnoxious!!

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image !

these „ride on” sounds are so frequent and deafening to others.

I’m afraid you can’t turn them off without losing a whole host of other sounds.

Go to “Settings” and turn down the Alert volume slider. It leaves the natural game sounds (whirr of the tires, bird calls, etc.) unchanged. It just reduces the annoying constant dinging.

The dinging of the “Ride Ons” reminds me of nothing so much as that obnoxious din you hear in a Las Vegas casino. One of very few things I quite dislike about the Zwift experience.

This slider, however, mutes other zwift sounds that I like. So it’s not a perfect solution.
A year has passed and I still see that ZWIFT sees no problem :(.