Toggle on/off avatar voices

There’s something particularly grating about being in a group when people decide to spam the ‘ride on’ button, continually screaming it for upwards of 10 miles. That doesn’t happen in real life. It’s annoying to have it happen in Zwift.

I don’t want to silence the game sound effects - listening to the ‘nature’ sounds, the whir of wheels, the chirping of birds, and the ‘ding’ of Ride On delivery is great. I like having the ping of experience being added. But those sounds that immerse you into the game (the background sounds) or cue you in to game advancements are tethered to the voices of avatars shouting ride-on forever and ever. Add into it that the male voice for the (1) Ride On has a particular pitch that somehow makes it piercing, and it decreases enjoyment exponentially.

Being able to toggle the voices only would be a godsend.