New Year, New to Zwift? You need to know this

Never, under any circumstance, press these buttons


They do nothing other than highlight you as a n00b!

I disagree. It’s fun to use them sometimes. I use “I’m toast” quite a lot.

The relevant piece of information is that the thumb button says “Ride On!” but doesn’t give a ride on.

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you are the worst of people!

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I’m toast!

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No one knows who said it, the only person who does is you, so all you are doing is adding unnecessary noise to others and telling yourself you’re toast which i guess you already knew

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There’s a lot of unnecessary noise, particularly the “ride on” notification, so I don’t think a few “I’m toast” or “Ride on” really make much difference. IIRC there’s a separate volume control to turn off notifications while keeping the ambient sound, but I don’t know which channel those buttons populate.

Ideally, Zwift would enable you as an individual to disable the sounds that annoy you, rather than you trying to dictate what other people do. :stuck_out_tongue:

and if everyone thinks that…

Everyone doesn’t think that, and even if they did that doesn’t mean it particularly encourages their use.

I’ve never found it to be an annoyance on rides I’ve done. It’s not like someone’s pressing it every few seconds the entire ride. The ride on notification is much more irritating.

TBH I like to hear the “ride on” and I’m toast" sounds sometimes. It makes the experience feel more social.


Tell you what I do find annoying though, and that’s the way Zwift overlays chat bubbles over each other, so if several people say things in quick succession, I can’t read them. Nor can I tell where they are in relation to me on a group ride, unless they happen to be right next to me.

So I think people should not use “send message to group” unless they’re riding alongside me. :ride_on: :rofl:


sounds like you need to add some sauce :wink:

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…or get a soundboard.

The chat thing is stupid design, but at least you can read the lost messages in Companion (probably still only starting from the first time you use it during the ride).

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Good point. I do have that, but I never remember to start it. =)

The real n00bs are the ones who haven’t turned the sounds off.


Bah dum tish! :rofl:

I always keep the sounds muted - there is nothing of value in the Zwift sounds IMO.

Since the thread was reopened, people could upvote the Companion App Redesign request: Companion App UI Button cleanup: REPLACE BUTTONS

…because this is not good UI design:

TL;DR: The :ride_on: button on the bottom of the screen does absolutely nothing but make noise. Ignore it.

I usually have them on but I wear headphones so it’ll just be annoying my neighbours!

I was on a group ride where a rider hit the wave button about every 10 seconds for the whole ride. May have just be sweating on his phone but it was kind of cute (and silent).

Game sounds off, forever.

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I don’t mind any of the sounds. They just add to the ambience.

Here’s a couple of questions though:

There’s a badge for handing out 100 Ride Ons. Is that Audio Ride Ons or via the Ride on Bomb?

Is it 100 in one ride?

If it’s via Bombs, is it 100 Bombs or 100 divided by the number of riders getting a blue thumb?

You can see why some folk might spam the Audio Ride Ons if they don’t know.

IIRC it’s just giving out 100 :ride_on: in total. It’s for giving a Ride On via the “Ride On bomb” as you call it, or by giving out individual Ride Ons to people in-game or via the Companion.

The Ride On sound effect doesn’t count, but I agree it’s ambiguous and that could well cause some people to spam it.

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