Deliberate noise spam to disrupt an event

I am a regular leader of a group ride that takes place every Sunday. Yesterday we had the problem that one Zwifter or some Zwifters continuously triggered the “Ride On” sound button leading to sonic terror nearly the entire ride. It was obvious that he/she/they intentionally wanted to disrupt the ride and the terror continued, of course, even though I had asked to stop.

Did other event leaders experience the same lately? Any thoughts what can be done in such situation?

I already reported the incident to Zwift but I got the answer that Zwift can’t do anything without the name of the Zwifter who caused the problem. But in such a case I cannot even find out, who the troublemaker is, since it was a group of around 130 participants.


Just use the mute button. That’s the solution to this.

I always keep Zwift muted all the time.


Not sure what group this was, but would there be Zwift beginners on the ride?
Reason I ask is that there might be people that don’t know that the thumb button is NOT the button to give “Ride On”.
I know that it took me a couple of rides to figure out that I was just making noise with the thumb button.


@shooj can this thread be reopened? We really need to get rid of all the noise makers in the companion app.


Good point, Scott. Maybe, but would such Zwifters really hit the button the whole time? On the other hand, who would be so childish to try to disrupt an event this way? Strange.


See this one. Companion App UI Button cleanup: REPLACE BUTTONS

Merry Christmas. :christmas_tree:


if you go to your activities, and click on the :+1: symbol, it will show you the names of who you received ride ons from. However, I don’t think it will tell you the volume of such from each? Not sure.

Ride ons received that way are quiet and not what the OP was referring to, I think. The thumbs up button in the on screen menu or companion app trigger the acoustic „ride on“ but don’t give any other rider any ride ons. This won’t appear in the list of received ride ons.


Further investigation now showed that we indeed had several Zwifters on the ride who thought that tapping the blue button at the bottom would give Ride-Ons to other riders.

I am relieved that apparently this was not an intended disruption of the event. In future I can explain better during the ride what not to do. :slight_smile:


Another one for removing buttons that have no real use in companion app.

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…would such Zwifters really hit the button the whole time?

For my first few months on Zwift I thought the “Ride On” sound button was the ride on bomb button. I ride with world sound effects off so I had no idea of the evil deeds I was committing.

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I’ve found that sometimes, in the middle of an event/race or in the pens beforehand, if one person clicks the ride on sound, it starts a chain reaction of "Ride on!"s that can last up to 30 seconds! I’m assuming that other people wanted to reply with a “Ride on!”.
Though what you experienced doesn’t really sound like that. Does anyone else find this to happen?

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Those noise buttons need to leave the ZCA.
Actually, the little circle that actually gives the ride ons should be removed and the blue thumb should be the ride on.

Remember that year for Easter, we could throw rolled up newspapers at targets?
I wish we could bring that back, we get 3 newspapers to throw at other riders.

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There’s a badge for giving 100 Ride Ons. Seems like a good way to encourage spamming of the button.