Spamming of rider audio calls

There needs to be a hard limit of how many times you can hit a audio cue (hammertime, bike bell, I’m Toast, etc., etc.)

Had a rider just now spam it non stop for the first 10 minutes straight, the entire time.

Worse yet, it doesn’t show up in the log so we don’t know who it was, and the audio is not in 3d space so no way to figure out who or where it was coming from.

We unfortunately dealt folks leaving our ride because this user wouldn’t stop until either they got bored or left themselves.

But it’s rather annoying to have to tell riders to turn their volume down/off and apologize for this user.

I’ve been advocating to eliminate the noise buttons altogether for years, they serve no purpose but to annoy other users!

Bin the worthless noise makers ASAP!!!


maybe each time they use it they add 10kg to their in game weight


Sometimes hearing the bell once in a blue moon is funny; or the I’m toast out of nowhere at the end of a WTRL TTT from a teammate just as we’re all thinking it.

I would rather them be removed entirely, if there’s no way to limit audio “quickchats”

Surely someone at zwift knows how to set up a timer in program to not accept a cue for an entire minute; if not, we’re doomed.

At least in Rocket League the “What a Save!!!” could be cheeky at times, and worst case you could hide the game chat so you never saw it.

But … there is no way to disable just the audio keys in Zwift without muting the whole game.

Welcome to growing pains Zwift; surprised it took a decade but, these simple things really need taking care of.

It’s too easy to set up a macro program on PC, launch Zwift, and have it just spam the audio calls literally forever at any corner of any world, and just leaving it running.

While someone at Zwift might think “that’s not something our community would do”
I assure you… you’re wrong.

I shut off the game sounds setting entirely, forever. But sometimes I leave the 3D world sounds on.

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