Ride-on Sounds are WAY too much

How do I STOP hearing the constant ping of other riders getting Ride-On’s? Is getting insane with the number of riders now.

Looks like you posted this same question twice. No need for that. I added a response to your other post.

Does that go away if you turn down the “game sounds” in the settings?

Another annoyance is the audible “ride on!” that avatars can yell, this is especially bad in large events like TdZ. Once one person presses that button on the companion app everyone else feels the need to press it too! :face_vomiting:

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And the most of them believe they give a ride on… :rage:

I just turn games sound off and turn up the radio.
There are a lot of “ride ons” being given to the extent that the screen is full of them in big events.
I think I saw the term “thumb storms”.
I’m glad I don’t hear them too.