Incessant Ride ons

While riding in London today everyone who passed me on the opposite side got a ride on and it dropped as they passed me creating an incessant noise of ringing. Is this a bug? Does any one else experience this? I had to mute the sound.

Hi. Yes had the same yesterday myself. Still have the ringing in my ears now there was so many ride ins. Rode in silence after that, apart from Spotify. Can you not make the ride ons silent and shot some of those constantly squawking birds. :smirk:


Same on Tempus Fugit today, and same in London yesterday. Felt sooo sorry for those VERY few poor guys not getting a Ride-on.


I am seeing the same! Incredibly annoying! This must be a bug of some sort or what? I can mute the sound, but I dont really want to do this on a permanent basis.

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I think it is too easy to give ride ons and they are essentially meaningless now.

maybe if you giving a ride on meant that your weight increased for a period of time or your power was reduced people would only give them out if someone really deserved praise. after they win a sprint, get a jersey, or something?

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I disagree that those giving a ride on should be penalized. Plus, they still mean something since they increase someone’s sweat quotient to earn more drops for a short period of time, allowing them to buy a fancy rig.
Maybe take away to the ability to give so many ride ons at once. Or limit what you have to give to some number per time period, like 10 every 20 minutes. OR, you can earn ride ons to give out by achieving something, like you get 50 ride ons that you can give out for each new route you complete or PR you achieve.

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Or just take away that dinging sound! :wink:


Or turn down “game sounds.” :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to channel Gerrie and say, “I can’t hear the dings over my music.”


I meant they are meaningless in that you don’t have to do anything to get them, it would be better if you had to earn them or they were used as a reward for good performance or as encouragement.

It is too easy just to keep hitting the map on the companion app and dish out loads to whoever happens to be nearby.

maybe you can only give out as many as you get in game or something. Or you have to charge up your ability to give ride ons in someway, by distance, climb or wattage or something?

How about 100 drops per ride-on?

Been a Zwift user from the off and can’t say as I’ve ever really been bothered by the noise or sound.
Maybe I get into the zone too much to care. Or my background music drowns them out.

Or maybe I’m not that popular.

Now the horns in France is a different matter. Going up Ventoux today I swear I heard a repeated horn when there was not a single sole by the roadside. I was tempted to turn back and check.