Old intro music?

Could we possibly consider the option of switching between the old and new intro music when logging into zwift?
Appreciate all the hard work that has obviously gone into the new piece, but, I much prefer the old music?
Is there maybe an option to switch out the mp3 file in the zwift program files on my PC? as I have the old music in this format?
Thank you for your consideration
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You are probably one of the few that like the old music. No judgement here, people have different music tastes that is why there is so many different music types.

I had to turn on the new music just so I can hear how it sound.

Intro music should be catchy and it has to get you exited/motivated about the product. It should be part of the brand.


As someone else who misses the old music (I used to listen to it, versus the new version which I’ve turned off,) but also understanding you can’t please everyone, how about we change the Title Music config option to: “New, Old, Off” ? Then people can choose which option they like.


If your using Zwift on P.C…
Here is the solution:

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\Audio\PC\

  2. Rename 899869566.wem to 899869566bk.wem

  3. Rename 777200017.wem to 899869566.wem

  4. Start Zwift

Hope this helps?

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