Title music

Any chance of changing this? The opening music is very, let’s say annoying. It certainly lets everyone nearby know a Zwift session is about to start but not in a good way.

Seriously it’s really irritating and unpleasant.

Personally, I’d love the ITV and Channel 4 Tour de France themes. :smiley:

As a Brit of a certain age, they are cycling for me. :smiley:

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I think Zwift Radio would be a cool idea, especially for group rides, maybe you could pick your genre?

The music is like something you’d hear in 80s ■■■■ :joy: not that I’d know of course :rofl:

An option to just turn it off would be fine, too. Like OP, the music sometimes triggers me and brings back haunting memories of my worst workouts. I always feel a big sense of relief when I finally enter the game and all I hear is the chirping of birds and whooshing of wheels. Maybe there could just be ambient world sound on the title screens?

It’s very unpleasant. I mute the game and run Spotify in the background.

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