Title Music doesn't play [1.40] [May 2023]

Got the update in my Zwift PC and both my Macs. In all three Title Music is not playing. Can hear only the birds but not the music. I have Title Music ON in all three.


Thanks for flagging his up. I split your post to its own thread so we can track progress on a fix.

@shooj: Before you fix it, should we have a poll as to whether people want it fixed? Personally, I don’t need the title music. It’s only there for a few seconds when I log in, and I’m pretty sure I’ve turned it off, anyway.



No need for a poll IMO. The on/off switch lets everyone choose, but it seems to be stuck in the off position at the moment.

Same, been turned off for years. The issue is i have the volume up high so i can hear the sounds over the treadmill etc…

However when loading things up the title music scares the hell out of me when it launches.

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It lets me know that zwift has actually managed to do something right…yep it’s launched :joy::joy::joy:


Long live the title music! I like it. I noticed too that my switch was set to ON and all I heard were birds and game sounds, I think.


Not sure if it’s the same issue but the Title Music falls under the 3D World Sounds slider in settings. I have Title Music on because I actually like it, and 3D world sounds off, but there’s no title music as a result.


yeah only birds here as well

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that’s one on the new improvements.

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Turned On and no music playing as well here

I just had time to dig into this. Apparently no fix as yet? I’m getting birds here on 29-May-2023.

Hey folks, thanks for reporting this issue. We’re on it and will have title music working properly (respecting your settings, of course) in an upcoming release.


Just installed the latest update and still no fix… I miss the music, it makes me salivate as I prepare for a ride!

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