Music feature for Zwift?

As a new cyclist and Zwift rider, and someone who was a previous Peloton rider, I think it would be great if Zwift implemented an optional “music” feature that would play different styles of up-beat music to ride to. Maybe have it as an add-on that can be earned through an achievement? I for one will play music through iTunes in the background on my rides. Maybe other people enjoy silence, but music really keeps me motivated. I’m sure this would take some time due to licensing and may not be worth the additional cost, but just wanted to throw that out there.

First time on the forums. I apologize in advance if this isn’t the right method or style. Open to suggestions!

Hi @George_Martin2

This has been suggested but with so many people and different likes this will be difficult.

Most people use there own music player. I use Spotify or my own local music. It is easy to run multiple programs.

Zwift has been asking for feedback lately, I occasionally get asked how my experience was and they ask if you listen to music and which service you use. I use Amazon. Maybe Zwift is looking at a partnership with one of them?