DJ Rides with BPM

I know this is supposed to simulate outdoors but I would love a group ride with a song playlist that also has a BPM for tempo. Maybe a group ride where all in the group are listening to the same songs and pedalling to the the same rhythm.

We can even take it further and have everyone request songs as we ride and have a virtual DJ take our requests.


Won’t happen as it opens a big can of worms with copyright of songs being played.

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I asked ZHQ about this possibility two years ago and, as Nigel said, the worldwide copyright implications would be a nightmare. Could be done unofficially but at the risk of the organiser getting served.

Two options:
Zwift could get royalty free music or create their own. It doesn’t need to be the latest pop song, but several songs at different bpm levels that are workout music/dance/techno-ish.

Or integrate with spotify/amazon music/pandora premium/etc. so that if you have a premium subscription, you can have a DJ’d playlist. I might sign up for one of those services if that was an option- and Zwift could get the referral fee.